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Irish Immigration Project

No description

Caleb Jones

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Irish Immigration Project

Irish Immigration The Irish immigrated to America because they suffered from poverty and starvation, wanted to find cheap land to establish farms, and they wanted to get away from English Oppression Thesis: Poverty
Starvation Establishing
Farms English
Oppression In Ireland conditions were less than ideal. You've gotta have money to make money. People were dying and had to Escape Irish people did not have the best living conditions, because of famine and oppression they were extremelyimpoverished and starving, the only viable method of escape avalible to them was to immigrate to America. To eat or not to eat, that is the question. Farms + Food = Happy Irish Without being able to pay their landlords the Irish
needed a place to go where they could begin rebuilding
and establishing farms, America was that place. The Irish faced no alternative but to leave their homes
in hopes of a better future. The Irish were primarily farmers who needed land to farm, America had plenty. Protestant landlords do not get along with Catholic farmers. now where have I
heard that before? The English, who by this time have made a bit of a habit of oppressing individuals. To escapte this tyranny, the Irish traveled to the beacon of freedom, the good ole USA. The Union Act of 1803, England incorporates Ireland, and does little to help them. The Napoleonic Wars were costly and the burden impoverished the Irish. The Religious differences between England and Ireland further fueled the rough conditions and hindered political assistance. The Irish began flooding American in 1845 because of The Great Potato Rot. The Irish were extremely dependant on potatos. The great potato famine of 1845 devistaed the Irish 50% of their crops were destroyed. By 1850 the popluation had seen a decrese of 2 million.
1 million died.
1 million left and came to America. The Irish could not afford to pay their English landlords.
Therefore they had no place to raise their crops to earn money.
It is a vicous cycle. In just over five years there was a decrease of 2.5 million Irishmen. This is equivelant to over 1/4 of the population. England and Ireland don't get along too well.
This is largely due to their religious differences. The penal laws made it so that By Lauren Colvin
Caleb Harding
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