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Writing Process/Argumentative Writing

Day 2 Description of argumentative writing and how to get students started

Kelly Norton

on 23 August 2013

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Transcript of Writing Process/Argumentative Writing

We will tweak this as we explore different purposes
Writing process
Brainstorming and organizing ideas
Think about what you want to say and organize it in some sort of graphic organizer
Select key ideas and questions
You may have a prompt or you may create the topic
Use your ideas to write a rough draft.
Write your ideas in order and use one or more to begin your writing.
Use the ones that you choose to develop central ideas, and add supporting details.
Write the entire paper.
You will write more than one draft.
Proofread and correct mistakes
Check for complete sentences, proper spelling and correct grammar.
Reread or have someone else read your paper to make sure that it makes sense and is easy to read.
Finalizing and Publishing
Your goal is to convince the reader that your point is the correct point
You need to provide evidence
The better you express yourself, the more likely your reader is to support your stance
Make changes to improve writing.
Rearrange words and sentences to improve the sequence.
Be sure to add details and description.
Include feedback from peers and teachers.
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