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Why Lyddie Should Not Sign the Petition

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frankie stein

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Why Lyddie Should Not Sign the Petition

Why Lyddie Should Not Sign the Petition
by:Ashley Jarrell
The other good reason for Lyddie to not sign the petition is she has no where else to go. While Lyddie is working at the factory, she hears that if you get fired, than you will be blacklisted. Betsy says " You'd be Blacklisted. No other corporation would hire you." This shows that if Lyddie signs the petition then she will be fired. so if she signs, then she will be stranded in the middle of nowhere.
intro. para.
One of the reasons Lyddie should not sign the petition is because she needed to have more money to pay off the debt. In chapter 9, Lyddie wants to gather her family before they all die."She must earn all the money to pay what they owed, so she could gather her family back on the farm..."This means that she must get her family together before she loses them. Lyddie must have all the money she has to pay off the debt.
In Katherine Paterson's novel Lyddie, the main character goes to Lowell to work in the factory.They have to work fourteen hours and there's dust and lint in the air which is making the workers sick. Before she left,she was at a farm and they ran out of food so her mom and sisters went to their aunt and uncle,s house. Lyddie and Charlie were sold to work. Lyddie was fired from being a housekeeper, so she went to Lowell to work there instead Since the working conditions were harsh,and the working hours were longer, they have a petition to sign for those who want to sign. Lyddie has to make a hard decision of whether or not to sign.Some people may think that Lyddie would be foolish if she didn't sign the petition because her friends were getting sick and the working hours were long.Lyddie should not sign the petition because she needs the money to pay the debt and she has no where else to go.

conclusion pargraph
Even though there are some reasons Lyddie should have signed the petition, her decisions not to sign is the right one for her. If Lyddie would have signed it, then she would have lower wages. She would also be blacklisted and would have no where to go. This was the perfect thing for Lyddie to do.
paragraph 3
paragraph 2
Lyddie shouldn't sign the petition because she needs the money to reunite her family.
hhmm... i'll think about it.
would you like to sign.
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