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Case Study: Nabisco Easy Cheese

No description

Berkeley Maningo

on 15 March 2014

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Transcript of Case Study: Nabisco Easy Cheese

“Everything in Easy Cheese is there either to fool your brain into thinking you’re eating real cheese or to preserve the products that make your brain think you’re eating cheese.” Easy Cheese
-Sharp Cheddar
-Bacon n' Cheddar
Whey, canola oil, milk protein concentrate, milk, whey protein concentrate, contains less than 2% of sodium citrate, sodium phosphate, calcium phosphate, salt, lactic acid, sodium alginate, sorbic acid (preservative), apocarotenal(color), annatto(color), enzymes, cheese culture.
Whey & Whey Protein
- the by-product that is THROWN away in the making of cheese that Nabisco use as filler- to increase the volume of the easy cheese.
Lactic acid
- commercially produced chemical used as a food preservative, curing agent and flavoring agent. Usually made by bacteria in the real cheese making process but added by Kraft to create sour taste in cheese.
Image by Tom Mooring
Case Study: Nabisco Easy Cheese
What is Easy Cheese?
Available At...
Traditional chain grocery stores
-King Soopers
Easy Cheese is more of a cheese substitute than anything, the ingredients are added to make the cheese look, taste and feel like real cheese.
Ingredients in REAL cheese: milk, rennet, starter culture, salt.
Canola Oil
- keeps cheese from solidifying, guarantees easy travel through nozzle.
Calcium Phosphate-
calcium supplement.
Sodium Citrate
- allows cheese to melt without getting greasy.
- preservative, twice the amount used compared to natural cheddar cheese.
Sodium Phosphate
- used to control the pH in processed food.

Sodium Alginate
- seaweed extract found in most processed foods used to increase viscosity.
-pigment used for coloring.
Sorbic Acid
- preservative.
-used for coloring, potentially hazardous allergen.
Production Location of Major Ingredients
Canola Oil- Canada or US
MPC- New Zealand
Milk- US, India, China
Whey- US, India, China
Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC) is a major component in Easy Cheese. MPC is made by first separating whole milk into cream and skim milk. Then the skim milk is fractionated using ultrafiltration. Milk passes through a membrane that allows some of the lactose, minerals, and water to cross through. These are then spray dried and evaporated to concentrate these materials and form a powder. MPC is used to create a financial advantage for Nabisco because it increases the protein level of the product which gives greater cheese yield for less money. MPC can also be stored for a longer time in room temperature. “In the US dairy farmers are protected from international competitors with a range of measures, including tariffs on imports. MPCs however are not subject to a tariff rate quota, so most MPCs used are imported. The United States imports of MPCs have doubled in the last five years, and between 2007 and 2008 MPC imports increased 66 percent. The majority of these imports come from New Zealand, totaling $250 million worth of MPC imported worldwide. US dairy producer groups claim that foreign manufacturers using nonfat dry milk in the production of MPC are circumventing existing quotas on nonfat dry milk. Further concern arises as MPCs are largely unregulated.”
Canola Oil
Canola Oil is another major component in Easy Cheese. Canola oil is made at a processing facility by slightly heating and then crushing the seed. Then it is refined using hexane, water precipitation and organic acid. About 43% of a seed is oil.

Canola oil is the 3rd most widely consumed vegetable oil in the world. Canada and the US are major producers of Canola oil. In the US 90% of the Canola crop is grown in North Dakota. Major importers of Canola are Japan, Mexico, China and Pakistan.
Canola Oil
Packaging & Storing
Easy Cheese is packaged in a metal can that contains two sections. The top section is filled with the "cheese" and the bottom if filled with nitrogen gas. The pressure from the nitrogen gas pushed the cheese out. Easy Cheese doesn't require refrigeration and has a long shelf life. It was created to boost the sales of Kraft crackers so they wanted a product that could be stored with the crackers.
Manufacturing & Marketing
Major factories for the manufacturing of the product are located in Wrightstown, WI and Northfield, IL.
Nabisco is owned by Kraft and they market majorly to the USA, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Venezuela.
The Why of the Where
Nabisco is owned by Kraft- a major American manufacturing and processing grocer company. Kraft is headquartered in Chicago thus, the factories in IL. This is also practical because their 2 main areas served are USA and Canada. Having factories in and near these two countries eliminate a huge cost that shipping creates.
-Because Kraft is able to produce it for so cheap, they can sell it at a cheaper price while still making a profit.
-Easy Cheese is in fact, quick and easy.
-For some, it tastes delicious.
-The Easy Cheese can can be recycled at certain locations.
-There is no real cheese in easy cheese.
-Easy Cheese is full of preservatives and chemicals, none of which are good for you health. Even the calcium in Easy Cheese is a chemical.
- US dairy farmers who are protected by certain tariffs etc., are being put at a disadvantage by the importation of MPC which is a major ingredient in Easy Cheese.

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