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The United Kingdom and Japan: Two Countries, Too Different


Brian Kern

on 14 December 2009

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Transcript of The United Kingdom and Japan: Two Countries, Too Different

The United Kingdom and Japan: Two Islands, Too Different Japan - Dai (Great) Nihon (Origin of the Sun) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Fun Facts Total population: 59,054,800 (2002) Population per sq. km: 245 people *Disposable Income Percentage*
Food/Alchohol purchases:
27% over Japan at 18% Fun Facts Total population: 127,333,002 (2004) Population per sq. km: 340 people # of cars: 74 million over 24 million in UK *Disposable Income Percentage*
% of computers owned:
84% over 69% in UK

Geography/Climate Natural Resources/
Agriculture Economy Geography/Climate Natural Resources/
Agriculture Economy Landforms

Highest mt: Mt. Fuji at 12,338 ft

Longest river: Tone at 322 km

Largest lake: Biwa at 670 sq km
*This lake is one of the oldest lake
formations in the world*

Temperate, seasonal
Average temp: 15.6 C converts to 60 F
Natural Resources

Small amount
High demand for goods

Third crude-oil consumer,
Second oil importer,
First natural gas importer
In the world Agriculture

15% of land is farmland
Extremely dense farmland -
Largest crop per sq. area in
the world

Rice - most abundant crop
Low amount of livestock;
but 2,000 fishing ports One of the biggest, most advanced
market economies in the world Service/Manufacturing

Service industries:
banking/insurance, real estate,
retail, telecommunications

Home of Toyota Motor Corp.


66 million people
in 2006

70% in service, 5%
agriculture, 28% other
industrial position


Rugged hills, low mts, green plains
Highest mt: Ben Nevis at 4,406 ft

Longest River: Severn at 345 km

Largest Lake: Lough Neagh at 396 sq km


Oceanic climate -
warm summers, mild winters

Average temp: 9.7 C or 50 F
Natural Resources

Biggest exporter of petroleum
and natural gas in the world

Renewable energy - best wind
resource in Europe in 2005
Hydroelectric plants in Scotland


75% farmland
Livestock: cows, sheep/
lamb, pigs, chicken
Crops: cereals, rapeseed,
sugar beets, potatoes


Center for trade; market economy
5 largest economies in the world

Services: Retail, wholesale trade,
real estate, insurance,
health services, social work Workforce

31 million people
81% in services,
18% manufacturing
1.5% agriculture

Privatized enterprises:
British Airways
British Telecoms, British Gas Imports/Exports

Exports: machinery, automobiles,
transport equipment, electronics,
chemicals, oil, food and beverages,
tobacco, financial services

2007 - Exports = 416 billion
Imports = 569 billion

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