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Waiting for the Rain Response Questions

No description

Marvin Navas

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Waiting for the Rain Response Questions

What do you think of the book? Do you have strengths? Struggles? I think the book is well written and explained, but there are times when the story goes through rising action and falling action. My struggles with the book is that the book goes through rising action and falling action, so I lose interest often. My strengths of the book is that I understand the plot of the story and I understand whats going on. How is the relationship between Tengo and Frikkie? Do they problems? What threatens their friendship? Frikkie and Tengo's relationship was great in their childhood because they were best friends. But now when they are older, blacks and whites are fighting, injuring, and murdering each other, so they have to go against each other. What are some lessons you learned from the book that you can apply to your life? What will you remember the most? I already knew this lesson and use in my life, but I should never treat somebody differently because they different than me. Everybody should be treated kindly and respected. Another lesson I already know is to help people in need. I will remember both of those lessons. Here are three categories I choose for Waiting for the Rain. Waiting for the Rain Response Questions By: Marvin Navas First off... Secondly... Last... Conclusion In conclusion, these are my three categories for Waiting for the Rain.
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