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'Kessex' Marketing

No description

Shayne Williams

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of 'Kessex' Marketing

'Kessex' Marketing
How we look to Market as a Region
Targeted O2 Open Events - External
Utilized Contacts/Account Manager within each organization
NHS Hospital Visits
Utilize seasonal Students
Advertising in NUS bars
In store 'Launch Events'
Build relationships with local franchise manager for advice
'Marketing Champions'
Marketing Champions
Can be anyone from store, ideally a key performer or someone with a keen interest in marketing...
Manufacture Launch Events
'After hour' events inviting customers to try handsets before launch
LWYD & Do More With Less
Utilize Xerox@o2.com for specific POS
How are we currently Marketing?
O2 Open?
Out of hour 'Special Events'?
In store leaflets
How often are we currently doing this?
Cluster Events, Per Town
Stores to be grouped strategically & utilize each demographic
Best people that will sell 'Why O2', Disrupt, Discover & Deliver tangible results across town/region.
Student Towns
Canterbury, Chelmsford, Chatham, Southend, Harlow
Destination Stores
Lakeside, Bluewater
Shopping Center Stores
High Street Stores
O2 Open
Is what you're currently doing working?
Are we just marketing from inside our own stores?
Are we being Disruptive enough?
Nominate people that want to progress
Minimum 1 Per Store
Can enhance IPR/APR
Utilize university students studying marketing
Inclusion of manufactures is key & will drive relationships in store
Collect customer data for orders upon launch
1 SL to look after cluster of 4
Buy in is key
Shopping Center/High St Posters Space & Marketing
Feedback from events to be shared
Weekend PM drives
Alternative language POS
Target Marketing by KPI & 'Why O2'
Utilize Shopping Center/High St Social Media
Shopping Center & High St. Events
Fun, Balloons, Sweets, lots of the 3 D's
Showcase our brand
Wow Demo's
Guru Participation for all
Use of easel
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