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Physical Fitness Awareness

No description

aisha amiri

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Physical Fitness Awareness

Physical Fitness Awareness
The Process
step 1: fun activity

step 2: presentation

step 3: discussion

step 4: brochure

step 5: survey statistics
Fun Activity
The Presentation
Physical Fitness
Physical Fitness
By: Fatima and Ayesha
* Did you know that you are at an age where you are going through synaptic pruning
* Do you know that you are developing skills that you will remember forever
*Did you know you are at an age where you are developing your muscles and bones. Your bones and muscles will stay with for many more years to come (Inshallah)

Fun Facts
* Exercising is not just to lose weight
* Exercising can be fun and it could be a way to meet people with same interests as you
*Physical fitness does not only mean sports
*Sports are not only for boys
Ideas to Think About
Discuss Your Thoughts on Female Sports
Do You Think You Will Engage in Any New Activity?
Was the Discussion Successful?
The Obstacles
The Brochure
Survey Statistics
We did a survey and gave it to girls from ages 13 to 15 years

The number of girls who did the survey were 40 students

The questions revolved around the topic of physical fitness

Our project was a SUCCESS, the girls loved the activity and are motivated to start pursuing sports. Even though the dance routine will not be done routinely the girls are willing to take it on when they have the time.

In Conclusion
Opinion and Advice

Any Questions?
We were somewhat skeptical about our topic due to the fact that it has probably been done before. However, we tried to focus on teenage girls, and acknowledge the stereotype that exercise is not only a boy's sport. We are happy with our project now, we hope the girls benefited and you enjoyed it.
Done by: Fatima Abdulrahma & Ayesha Abdulrazzaq
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