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Niger Health: AIDS and Malaria

Presentation for World Politics dealing with why AIDS and Malaria occur so rapidly in Niger and whose helping to lower it.

Garret Ehlers

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of Niger Health: AIDS and Malaria

Niger's Health Problems
AIDS and Malaria AIDS
70,000 infected
5,000 deaths
Leads to 24,000 orphans Malaria
1 out of 5 children's death Why AIDS occurs?
Government Policies
How much of this is their fault? Culture's Role:
Views relationships:
Short term
Multiple Partners
Low condom rate
Looked at as the norm
Average age is 16 so people are engaging early Education's role:
About 80% know of prevention
Only impacts about half of those people Government Policies:
Leads to not helping treat as many people as they can Why malaria occurs?
Geography- Climate
Education and medical Geography's role:
Dry hot climate
Lack season to kill malaria like other countries Education and Medical's role:
Cases treated wrong and mismanaged
80% severe and approximately 60% minor AIDS solutions:
Religious leaders
Niger's National AIDS Control Program
Changing culture Malaria solutions:
World Bank
WHO (World Health Organization)
Increase medical conditions Kenya comparison:
Trigger all groups including drug addicts In conclusion:
While there is no easy solution steps can be made to lower the rate of both these diseases in Niger Population distribution
47% under 15
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