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Formative Assessment: Exit Ticket

No description

Allison Block

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Formative Assessment: Exit Ticket

Formative Assessment Cycle A
How does this strategy fit into the cycle I chose?
In CYCLE A, after the teacher is done with a lesson, they collect data in the form of a formative assessment (exit ticket)

They then use the exit ticket to respond to that data by adjusting their way of teaching

The cycle then starts over

How can exit tickets be used in a lesson?

An EXIT TICKET for you...
3 things I learned from this presentation are:

2 questions I still have about exit tickets are:

1 way in which I can/will incorporate exit tickets into my own classroom is:
Exit cards are a quick assessment
They are written student responses to questions posed by the teacher at the end of a lesson
They may be used at any grade level and any subject
The questions should be short and only take a few minutes for the students to respond to
They are an easy and efficient way to gather data on what your students have learned and what they are still struggling with
When we gather data from students about their progress and then act on that data by adjusting what we are teaching or how we teach it, this is what is known as:

How does this strategy address some of the essential characteristics of formative assessment?
"Check in on your students understanding
as they head out the door.”
A Tool for Formative Assessment
By Allison Block
Teachers can use this strategy to quickly gather data
Teachers can see which students have mastered the days lesson and which students are struggling and need more help
From there, the teacher has the opportunity to re-teach different portions of the lesson or move on from a topic mastered by the whole class (differentiate)
Teachers may also use this strategy to design groups for the next day based on the student responses provided on the exit ticket
Teachers can see which students need different strategies/ extra help
Students can use this strategy to give feedback to the teacher
Students can also use this as a platform to express areas of concern

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