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The Alphabet Of ME!

No description

Anita Kwok

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of The Alphabet Of ME!

The Alphabet Of Me
By- Anita
Art (noun)
Baking (verb)
Creating (verb)
Efficient (adjective)
Friendship (noun)
Dolphins (noun)
Zodiac Signs (noun)
I enjoy baking because I enjoy the process of it. I enjoy baking with my friends, we can go through the whole process together and work together. Remembering once when I baked a cake with my friends; still the cake turned out to be well done.
I've always thought that dolphins looked very nice and pretty. I love seeing pictures of them since to me, they always look lovely and I usually like to look of information about them once in a while.
I usually hand in my work on time and I wouldn't waste my time on things which don't help with my work. If I had extra class time, I would work on unfinished work if I had or I would read a book.
I always think that friendship is something that is nice to build up and is also very important to have. Friendship can be long lasting and can help you throughout your life time. For example, when there is a situation you can't solve, your friends will help you with your problem.
Art is one of my favourite subjects in school. I think that during art, you can be creative with your work and make it look pretty by drawing and colouring pictures.
I enjoy creating stories of my own. I can use my creativity and express my feelings in stories. I also use thoughts from my life in the past and from texts which I have read. I get the feeling that creating my own stories is a good activity for me because at least I can spend time on thinking rather than facing electronic devices.
I handle things carefully as I try to make sure nothing gets broken or ruined. If items are not held well or careful enough and are carried roughly, then items may not be used again or can be destroyed.
Gentle (adjective)
I think that helping my mom with her chores is something really good to do. She has to go to work and when she comes home she would be tired and want to rest. If I help her with her work at home, I can let her have more time to rest and give her more time with office work.
Helpful (adjective)
I like using my imagination usually when doing pieces of art and creating stories. That is usually the time where I can use my own creativity, thoughts, and imagination to create what I like and express feelings I have.
Imagination (noun)
Journals are something I like to write at home about my daily life so I can look back at it later and remember what happened in my past. I can write down special and regular things which happen because I wouldn't be able to remember everything that happened in my life.
Journal (noun)
I don't like to waste things so I like keeping things which can be used later on and save it up just so it wouldn't have to be thrown away and can be reused.
Keeper (noun)
I have low self confidence because I always think that I'm not good at several things. Also, I always think that I do things incorrectly like answering questions.
Low Self Confidence (adjective)
I enjoy listening to music, usually when I spend time on reading, drawing, and creating stories at home. Music is also one of my favourite subjects in school.
Music (noun)
The ocean always seems very beautiful to me because it has the sound of the waves and the view of the blue calm ocean.
Ocean (noun)
I like to prepare things before I start like getting everything I need before class starts. By making sure I prepared enough, I double check on things I bring and maybe bring something extra like a book for reading when I have extra time.
Preparing (verb)
I really like to look for quotes because some quotes really mean a lot to me. Some quotes which explain our life really have a lot of meaning to me because it tells me what is right to do in my life.
Quote (noun)
I really enjoy reading because when I read is the time where I feel myself in a peaceful and quiet area. I can focus on a book and not bother about many other things. Reading is a very important part of my life. I like to read, but only when I find right books for myself. When I find the right book, I would be able to put more focus into it and have a better understanding.
Reading (verb)
Sunset (noun)
I love the scene of the sunset. The colours together look very nice and pretty because they blend into eachother. The sunset, for me, is a very special scene.
Thankful (adjective)
I am thankful for what I have, like my friends and family. They are very important to me because they are always by my side. I understand that I am very lucky to have a life like this with my friends and family so I am very thankful for what I have.
Unique (adjective)
I think that everyone is unique by having their own personalities, appearances, and many other things. Everyone is special in their own way and is one of a kind.
Viewing (verb)
I like viewing many things. One thing would be shooting stars because I always think that they looking beautiful passing by above us in the sky.
Walking (verb)
I like walking around from place to place, but I like walking slowly and calmly rather than fast and speedy.
Xylophone (noun)
I like the sounds of the xylophone. It is a instrument which in my thinking sounds very nice and pretty. The sounds of the xylophone give me a good and calm feeling.
Yogurt (noun)
Something i enjoy eating is yogurt. It is a healthy snack which provides many flavours for us to choose from and has a good taste.
I think that looking at the descriptions of zodiac signs are very interesting because sometimes personalities of people of each zodiac sign and mentioned and some are actually correct.
Nature (noun)
Nature always explains many things I like. The birds chirping, the beautiful clouds in the sky, the pretty blooming flowers and many more. The nature is always a calm and pretty place for me. I love the nature because I enjoy looking at several things in the nature.
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