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Herr Nebel

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Engineering

FINISH ENGINEERING What's it? What's it? Engineering is a profession based on the use of scientific knowledge to turn ideas into action. In each orientation depends more strongly specialty is taught. But since the engineering works in the real world, the areas of physics and chemistry are common to all races, together with mathematics used to model the phenomena being studied. Unlike pure science whose objective is the knowledge for knowledge itself, the engineering is based on the application of scientific knowledge in solving real problems. THE WAY YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE IN BACHILLERATO TO STUDY ENGINEERING -Application Development of new processes, automation and control technologies
-Installing data processing centers, information centers management
-Defining performance standards, job evaluation, salary schedules
-Research new products and technologies
-Productivity improvement programs
-Selection processes and methods for performing tasks with the right tools and equipment Engineering Actions - Understanding problems and solutions integrating technologies.
-Manage innovative tools in solving problems of mechatronics.
-Manage and ensure quality, efficiency, productivity and profitability of the systems, processes and mechatronic products.
-Control, automate, operate, monitor, evaluate and maintain processes mechatronics.
-Development, design, simulate and build systems, processes and products mechatronics. Characteristics Of Engineer Maths:
It´s a very important subject that includes the theories of differentiation, integration, limits… Technical drawing :
Is used to fully and clearly define requirements for engineered items. Hydraulics:
Is a topic in engineering dealing with the mechanical properties of liquids. First of all, you should study science subjects for example: Maths, technical drawing, physic… Maths is the most important subject in the career because all the subjects are composed by numbers. Once you have finished Bachillerato, the minimum mark to access to the university is a five. In the career, there are a lot of subjects but the most important are: Engineering Best countries to work as an engineer United States As in many developed countries, the majority of companies and services manage a database and are controlled by software that in turn is part of a network. Systems engineers are responsible for updating the database, the software and see that the network is operating properly working. Civil engineers are also in high demand at this time because the United States is in a renovation of buildings and structures on a large scale. Germany Germany is also a good place for engineering professionals. Mechanical engineers are the most popular in this country. Mechanical engineers work in Germany achieve learn the latest technologies in regards to his career since here are the top professionals in this specialty. Besides the fees paid in this country to allow mechanical engineers have a comfortable lifestyle. France If you are a professional in telecommunications engineering, France is the country to which you point as your next destination. Telecommunications engineers are among the best paid in France, and will be good for your professional experience working in a country where professional in this field are the best in Europe. To work in France must have a professional qualification that is valid worldwide. England England is a country where chemical and petrochemical engineers are in high demand. One of the main sources of export of this country is in the oil that is extracted from the British North Sea. Each year we hire and train thousands of engineers to work in this specialty area.Environmental engineering professionals are also in high demand in the field of oil extraction. What we are looking to them to provide new techniques to keep the environment free from pollution. The Most Requested Engineering Mechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of physics and materials science for analysis, design. It is one of the oldest engineering disciplines. Mechanical Engineering Electrical engineers design, develop and supervise the manufacturing of electrical equipment such as electric motors, navigation systems, and communications systems. Electronic Engineering Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of roads, bridges, canals and buildings. Civil Engineering Industrial Engineering is at the heart of the systems that are essential to our society. From airlines to online retailers, from hospitals to manufacturers. Industrial engineers design solutions to improve the performance of complex systems of people. Industrial Engineering Most Important Engineers In The History Gustave Eiffel Alan Turing Juan de la Cierva Why We Want To Be Engineers We like engineering because since we were children we like science subjects like maths, physics, technical drawing and logical things. Besides, we played videogames and playing computer and one day we dreamed with create our videogames, design computers, buildings, bridges… and that's exactly what an engineer do. Is a British Formula One engineer.
He is the only designer to have won
Constructors' Championships with
three different Formula One teams.
He is currently the chief technical
officer of the Red Bull Racing Formula
One team, having designed their 2010-winning Red Bull RB6, 2011-winning RB7, and 2012-winning RB8. We have inspired in one engineer who since he is working is a role model to us:
Adrian Newey. Adrian Newey E=m·c² His strong background in basic science, mathematics proper training and management skills enable him to act in almost every field of activity of organizations producing goods and services. It's able to model different types of complex processes ranging from industrial to administrative systems in service organizations. In the next list appear some engineering actions: Fields Of Action Of An Engineer
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