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What to do in an Emergency?

No description

Sebastian Oliveros

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of What to do in an Emergency?

Anyone with a basic understanding of medical treatment can administer aid at the first signs of trouble.
Now, you've already called for help
Stay calm and try to be reassuring
Done By
Sebastian Oliveros Serrano
What to do in an Emergency?
First Aid
"U could do the difference between life and death"
The first thing you should do in any situation is performing the Three C's...
Check, Call n' Care
The Surroundings
Is the scene safe for you to approach
Do not rush into a situation where you
could end up as a victim yourself!
It could be selfish but... "Me, Myself and I"
Next , do the primary survey about
the injured
Is he/she/it conscious?
Don't forget the ABC's
There's no time to share it on
After checking the victim
You've got to
the EMS
Emergency Medical Services
you know who to call,
Don't you?
¡It's more than a requirement!
Knowing a number sounds simple but it varies from country to country
and here in
Doesn't exist!
In here, you can call to
If you're having an emergency

Remember, if you're traveling find out the right number of your location.
Then you've got it, it's time to call for help but there are few things you have to know before dialing
Know who to ask for
Know what to say
Let's get ready to answer
Where are you?
What's the phone number there?
What happened?
How many?
How old?
Anything else?
Don't hang up!
Let them tell you "we're done"
But it could take some minutes 'till they arrive
Do not leave the victim alone for an extensive amount of time
Depends on you to
Of it
How to do it?
Caring for an Unconscious Person
Determine Responsiveness
Check for breathing and a pulse
look, listen, feel
If the person remains unresponsive, prep for CPR
Unless you suspect an spinal injury let it where it's rolling him onto his back and open his airway
Perform 30 chest compressions and 2 rescue breaths (optional)
Do yo Remember the ABC's?

Make sure the person is warm as you wait for medical help
Pay attention to these don'ts
Dont feed or hydrate an unconscious person , it could cause chocking or asphyxiation
Don't leave it alone
Don't prop up unconscious person's head with a pillow
Don`t slap or slash with water an unconscious person's face, that's stupid
Jenny Arenas
Thanks for your attention
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