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The YPR and Vemma

No description

Chris Sutton

on 13 July 2013

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Transcript of The YPR and Vemma

The Product:
What Makes it Healthy?
The Business: Network Marketing
How Does Compare?
How We Get Paid?
Immediate Pay:
1. Customer Program
2. Fast Start/Frenzy Bonus
Residual Pay:
3. Cycle Bonus
4. Momentum Bonus
5. Matching Bonus
6. 2nd Matching Bonus
7. Rank Advancement
8. Global Bonus Pool
9. Car Program

How Do you Get Involved?
Helpful Links and Videos
Intro to the Company
Compensation Plan (Video or PDF link)
Vemma Sponsors

Vemma: The Official Wellness Supplement of the
Charlotte Bobcats
Young People's Revolution
Think about this
: Have you ever seen an ad for any of these companies?

Exponential Growth-->Uncapped Income
The Company:
Founded in 2004 in Scottsdale, AZ
CEO: BK Boreyko
The World's Healthiest Energy Drink!
Why have I not heard of this before?
How do you fit into this?
You simply get paid to promote living a healthy lifestyle
Our job is to say: "Hey stop spending your money on unhealthy sodas, coffee and other energy drinks and use that money to buy this healthy alternative instead!"
We are not sales people; we are promoters
Other companies have similar programs:
What Sets Us Apart?
You own your own business!
You get a company website and business tracking app
Collaborative not competitive work environment
How much you work dictates how much you make
You choose who you work with
The product you buy is for your personal consumption and to be given away; it isn't sold
Is this a pyramid scheme?
Pyramid Scheme
: A system of selling goods in which agency rights are sold to an increasing number of distributors at successively lower levels. (Dictionary.com)
How we are different:
We don't sell a product
People below you can make more than people above them
Your network resembles the shape of a pyramid which is due to exponential growth
Verve vs. Other Energy Drinks
Verve Energy Shot vs. 5 Hour Energy
Nutritional Value of:
Mangosteen: The Superfruit
Why Should You Get Involved?
There are currently less than 100,000 brand partners in the US
According to
Harvard Business School
: If a network marketing company has less than 100,000 distributors, it is considered a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Vemma is growing by 7,000 brand partners a week and is quickly approaching that number
A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity!
How Does The Business Work?
Still Have Your Doubts?
In Conclusion...
Videos for Parents
Parent Intro
Success Stories
Brad Alakazin
Adam Wenig
Alex Morton
Dr. Oz
's favorite "Fatigue fighting snack that gets him through the day"
with the BBB
's Michael Wallace

Official Energy Drink of the
Shawne Merriman is a brand partner!
Official drink of the Sundance Film Fesival
Herbal Life Millionaire Converts to Verve
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