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No description

Lena Krone

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Saturn

By: Travel Agent Lena Krone Saturn The best vacation spot! There are many reasons you should come to Saturn for vacation! Image Credit: NASA For example,
Saturn is the 2nd largest planet in the Solar System. It is bigger than every planet except Jupiter. 764 Earths would fit inside Saturn! You would have plenty of room to relax on vacation! Image Credit: Imagineering E-Zine Saturn rotates on it's axis every 10.7
Earth hours. Therefore, a day on Saturn is 10.7 hours instead of 24. That means you could party all night and not get tired like you would on Earth or on an Inner Planet. Saturn Rocks! Saturn takes 29.5 Earth years to
orbit the sun. You could stay on
vacation for an extremely long time
since a year is longer! Saturn's Rotation Saturn's Orbit Saturn's Moons Saturn has about 61 moons caught
in it's gravity. Imagine how amazing
would be to look up at the night sky and
see 61 moons instead of one, like on Earth. This is an image of some of Saturn's many moons. It shows what the satellites look like and what their names are. It also shows how the sizes of the moons compare to each other. Image credit: howmanyarethere.net Saturn's Position in the Solar System Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun. It is 1.43 billion miles away. You could enjoy seeing all the planets, asteroids, moons, and more on your journey to Saturn. It only takes a day to get there on our newly designed space shuttle! It comes after Jupiter and before Uranus. The order of the planets in the Solar System Image Credit: www.orderoftheplanets.org The Atmosphere Saturn's atmosphere is nearly 3 quarters hydrogen,
and 1 quarter helium. It also has a small amount of materials including ice and methane. During vacation you could do plenty of ice skating and skiing in the Saturn Space Suit! Saturn's Features and Attractions One of Saturn's features are it's stunning rings. Saturn has multiple thousands of them. Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune also have rings, but they don't compare to the beauty of Saturn's. Saturn's gorgeous rings are made of ice, little pieces of asteroids, comets, and even chunks of broken moons. You could take amazing close up pictures on Saturn and bring them back to Earth. This is an image of Saturn's colorful rings. You could take even better photos standing on Saturn. Image Credit: studentweb.fortlewis.edu An attraction on Saturn are it's layers of clouds. Saturn
has many different interesting types of clouds. It has eddy
shapes,white ovals, brown ovals, and some smog above most of the other clouds. These clouds are similar to the ones on Jupiter.
You could go hot air ballooning on Saturn. There is plenty of helium in the atmosphere to fill up the balloons! This is a photo of Saturn's clouds and its rings in the background. Imagine actually being in these amazing clouds! Image Credit: International Space Art Network Fun Facts - Saturday, the day of the week got its name from the planet Saturn. It would be amazing to travel to such an important planet. -Saturn is the windiest planet. You could do some serious kite flying on it! Saturn's Day and Night Temperatures Saturn's day and night temperatures are the same. The
average temperature is -178 degrees Celsius or -288 degrees Fahrenheit. But don't worry about the extreme weather. We have a speciaol space suit that will keep you warm! You could also easily make popsicles on Saturn. Just hold them up to the atmosphere and they'll freeze! History of
Saturn Saturn was discovered because on certain nights, it was visible in the sky without a telescope. The first person to look at Saturn through a telescope and see its mysterious rings was Galileo Galilei in 1610. His telescope wasn't good enough for him to understand what the rings were. Galileo thought Saturn's rings were some kind of "arms." In 1659 Christiaan Huygens looked through a better telescope and realized that Saturn's so called "arms" were actually a magnificent ring system. Any planet with a history that interesting would be awesome to visit. Saturn is named after the farming god for the Romans. Saturn has such an amazing history! Galileo Galilei Image Credit: crystalinks.com Thank you for listening! And Remember... Visit Saturn Soon!
Bye! Image Credit: inhabitat.com Image Credit: letstalktots.blogspot.com The futuristic space shuttle that will take you to Saturn! Image Credit: airliners.net Space suit that will keep you warm on Saturn Image Credit: starchild.gsfc.nasa.gov
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