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Romantic Era Heroes

No description

Braelinn Thomassen

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Romantic Era Heroes

Romantic Era Heroes Hereos of the Romantic Era Traits of a Romantic Hero Being rejected because of disliking established normalities. Also, they think of themselves as the center of existence,but later regret the actions they have done and they evoke "Egotistical sublime"(John Keetz) *Byronic Hero
*Social Outcast
*possesses courage and a fascination for others (18th Century) There were few heroesin the stories of the Romantic Era. Often,the heroes were nature and the gods.
However William Blake wrote stories that seemed to have heroes that were somewhat human.
Don Juan,Andrei Bolkonski, and Rene are examples of Romantic Era heroes.
The hero in Infant Joy is a nameless baby and he was asking what his name was.
Napoleon Bonaparte is a historical example of a Romantic Hero. Works CIted
“Fitzwilliam Darcy”
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“Infant Joy”
Electronic. October 10,2012

“Milton: A Poem “
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“The Romantic Hero”
Electronic.October 10,2012
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