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The Great Gatsby Chapter Four

No description

Jake Tolbert

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby Chapter Four

The Great Gatsby
Chapter Four:

After the party, Nick and Gatsby begin to spend a bit of time together. Gatsby tells Nick of his past experiences, his family, and the fact that he was an oxford man. All of this time together was to gain Nick's favor. He planned to take Nick over to a friend of his, Meyer Wolfsheim at a Speakeasy because Wolfsheim could vouch for Gatsby.
After driving over into the city, Gatsby took Nick into a speakeasy which was well hidden as a normal old barbar store. This is where Nick would meet Wolfsheim. Gatsby leaves the two to have atafor a bit. They had a conversation regarding Wolfsheim and Gatsby's first meeting eachother, and as Gatsby wanted, Wolfsheim had told of how great Gatsby was. As Gatsby joined back, he tells Nick that Wolfsheim was a man who was in the gambling business (he *fixed* the 1919 world series). Then, out of nowhere Tom Buchanan shows up. Nick takes Gatsby over to Tom and introduces them but Gatsby can't look Tom in the eye because he was embarrased, so Gatsby flees the scene without getting anyone's attention.
Later that evening, Nick goes out to have tea with Jordan (as they planned after the party at Gatsby's) to discuss the "Truth" about the past regarding Gatsby. It turned out that Gatsby and Daisy had an earlier relationship, 5 years earlier. Daisy had hooked up with a soldier before he was deployed to war and it was Gatsby. After he was deployed, they still sent letters to eachother but, as time went by Daisy met Tom. Although it was a struggle for Daisy (because of the letters she recieved from Gatsby) they still married, and had a child. A love triangle if you think about it. She came to the conclusions that Gatsby bought that house across the bay, just to be closer to Daisy. After Jordan told her story, she told Nick about the plan where Gatsby could finally meet eachother after 5 years. Tea at nicks house.
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