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what to worry about

No description

ivelise favila

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of what to worry about

Helen = the sister
her house
Zayde = grandfather

Anna = narrator

her grandpa always told her a story about what changed his life and what he felt about him and the people around him he describe his emotions about the way he was living his life.

Text structure
Conflict = problem

When her grandpa remembers that he lived in the streets and he was angry because he could see the other people enter restaurant and all happy and he needed money for food and he thought that he wasn't going to have what he wanted unless he worked hard and changed his attitude.
E nd
Her grandpa sees that she is upset he tells her to don't worry because we all have that one excellent talent even if you don't show it so he stops Helen so she wouldn't be sad and he tells once again his life story when he crossed the ocean to get a new job.
Her grandpa tries to convince her to be positive that she got talents too that everyone has something special about them her grandpa changes her life from negative to a positive life.
What to worry about
Characters and Setting
Main character traits
Anna is acting negative because she thinks that her sister is way better than her because she has a lot of talent for things.
Other character traits
grandpa = Zayde
Resolution = solved
Her family is eating and she thinks about her sister that she has a wonderful voice that sings really beautiful and her sister is telling the family about her talents and Anna feels so frustrated because she didn't find her talents , so she was sad.

She is sad because she thinks she is not excellent like her sister.
Her grandpa convinces her to be happy and he tells her to be positive.
mood is sad, angry, left out because she feels like they don't pay attention to her.
beginning :
She was frustrated and jealous about her sister.
middle :
There at dinner her sister is bragging how great she is at stuff and how well she sings, is popular, in school and how she has a bunch of friends.
end :
Her grandpa stops her sister from telling the story because he knows that she is sad about how her sister is like getting all the attention so her grandpa starts telling them the story about his struggles and how he moved along in life
Characters :
Setting :
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