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Google Glass

No description

KieShundra Roseburrow

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Google Glass

Sebastian Thrun led the Google research lab on Google X, Google Glass, which was also responsible for self-driving cars. Thrun is one of the world's most influential computer scientists. Thrun is a vice president and fellow at Google where he founded the secretive Google X experimentation lab. He's also a research professor at Stanford University.
When is the Google Glass release date?

A final release date has not been announced, but sources tell us that the original suggestion of 2014 was actually overly pessimistic and we could see Google Glass arrive in time for the end of 2013. So start readying your letter to Santa.
But many people have been able to get their hands on it early, as tester, and to tell people how they really feel about it across media platforms.
FAQs 2.
Is Google Glasses a new name for Google Goggles?

How does Google Glasses work?

Manufactured San Francisco, California.
Future Look
Google partnership with Wardy Parker, an eye glass designer, are coming up with designs to make the Google Glass more public presentable.
What Is Google Glass?
Google Glass is an attempt to free data from desktop computers , and portable devices like phones and tablets, and place it right in front of your eyes.
What does Glass do?
Allows the User to take Photo/Video using voice command.
Uses Google hangout software to video conference with friends and show the person what their looking at.
Gives directions using Google Maps, which can be tethered to you phone.
Is Glass water proof?
Can Google glass be used with everyday glasses?

Who's more likely to use them?

How much are they?
FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions-
Sebastian Thrun
What are the Specs For Google Glass

Yes they can be used over your regular glasses, but their also coming out with prescribed glasses soon.
In a survey done by Google Middle-aged people who spend time outdoors, are active on social networks, but aren't incredibly tech savvy where high targets for Glass.
The explorer version is $1500, but their looking to come out with a customer price $300-$500.
The Google Glass can benefit in so many ways, the main feature is that Google Glass is hands free. This can help a lot of people that need both hands to work or are just always busy. Google Glass is also very sleek and stylish so you won’t be wearing a big ugly frame on your face. It is extremely light weight so it won’t weigh your head down. It is comfortable and durable which is very important, it won’t hurt your face or ears. Google Glass has all of the qualities of a computer, Smartphone, tablet, ipad, GPS, navigation system, camera and more all in one tiny piece of glass which reduces all of the clutter and number of devices to take with you.
Meet Alex Blaszczuk: Google Glass Explorer, law student. In the fall of 2011, a car accident en route to a celebratory camping trip left Alex paralyzed from the chest down, unable to use her hands.
She explains that while Glass doesn’t “fix” a disability, “it is a more accessible tool for self-expression.”

Mooted 640x360 display
Built in camera
Battery life-Lasts for twenty hours with typical use
16GB of flash memory built into device
120GB available for user storage/ Sync to google drive
Bluetooth/Wifi enabled
Can be paired with Androids or any Bluetooth enabled phones
Lithium polymer battery
A dark sunglass lens/ Clear UV protective lens
Bone Conduction Transducer audio
Micro USB cable and charger
Google Glass Hardware
No, Google Goggles is software, a visual Search engine. Google Glasses are augmented reality glasses.
These glasses use a translucent AMOLED display that will function as a HUD in front of the eye. It will have an inbuilt GPS, Compass (to know where you’re facing), 4G connection as well as a accelerometer and voice recognition for Input/output of data.
Leonardo Da Vinci, the 15th-century Renaissance inventor, is responsible for influencing or directly creating a lot of modern devices. Its is said that he influenced one of the tech world's latest gadgets Google Glass.
Google Glass is made up of a durable titanium frame that snugly perches behind your ears and hugs your head.
Curved and bendable nature ensures it will fit most head sizes
Primary material is titanium plastic with the exception of the nose ridge, which is two rubber nosepads affixed.
The Glass frame starts as a slim and sleek stripe on the left side that conspicuously wraps around your entire forehead, narrowing slightly in the center
Glass comes with a titanium trim on the exterior of the frame.
On the battery compartment is what seems like a button that reads “GLASS”. this is the Bone Conduction Transducer, which allows you to hear audio with Glass.
The Transducer converts the electronic audio signal into mechanical vibrations. This vibration is then emitted through that little “GLASS”.
You can actually feel the vibration behind your ear.
Your bones then receive these vibrations and conduct them as hearable sounds to your inner ear.
Jose G. l Lexie S. l Kiesha R. l Keneater B. l Kim C.
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