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3D GameLab Features Overview

A ground-breaking approach to organize student learning and achievement, meet new national standards, and beyond.

Lisa Dawley

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of 3D GameLab Features Overview

CEO, GoGo Labs
National expert in online education
Created largest online graduate program in Idaho
Increased self-support revenue $2M per year Special Lecturer, EdTech
21st century teacher trainer & textbook author Chris Haskell, Ed.D.
chrishaskell@boisestate.edu Lisa Dawley, Ph.D.
lisadawley@gogolabs.net Currently benefiting customers.... ...in over 10 countries. 21st century professional development
Engaged students
Increased productivity through quest sharing
Choice in the curriculum, pull current content or build your own
Professional networking
Visual learner analytics
Potential to earn revenue * Connect myriad networks Existing LMS A FIRST for Educational Systems Plugins and API Engaged Learners Video Game Reward
Structures Self-paced, choice driven Embeddable Media Mechanics allow you to move through the curriculum like a VIDEO GAME API's and plugins allow use of tool in countless systems. Teachers Education Game Interface Learning Interface Quest-Based Platform for LEARNING Software as Service (SaaS) application Quest-based platform
patent pending
COPPA compliant
Mozilla OBI badges! Quest Design Tool Embedded Teacher PD ...changes learning as we know it. Disconnected from Learning Authentic VS. GBL Game-based Learning Jim Gee Henry Jenkins Constance Steinkuhler Sasha Barab Features: Artificial Conflict or Challenge Narrative Rules and Constructs Quantifiable Outcome Scoring / Winning Condition Benefits Immersion Mistakes aid learning Motivates Students Let's at 3D GameLab! LOOK Data Mining Identifying pathways to success, engagement, persistence... ...for effective design. Accomodates player-styles Kurt Squire David Gibson Marc Presnsky Clark Aldrich This course was a game changer for me. I have started to view the field in completely different light. I was totally engaged and absolutely thrilled to finally see some hope, a light, for the future of education. QUEST A is a unique educational activity which is part of a journey toward a larger goal.

Delivered to a student when they are ready or
able to engage in it. What is a "Quest?" pass-rate predictive modeling clustering technique
determine engagement Quest-based Learning Engagement: boredom Choice:
lack of personalized, relevant learning Challenges for Learners & Teachers Nearly 1/4 of US high school students
don't graduate Quest-based Learning for a Changing Paradigm Aggregates content Turns any environment into a living game 97% of Teens game Integrated social networking for 21st century learning Student choice and non-linear learning Create and clone OER Rebrand the the portal Digital Assets Packages of curriculum
Trend and Research Data
Predictive Models Other Products Virtual Worlds
Augmented Reality
Add-ons Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time. Proven with Teachers the new bell curve 3D GameLab Inspiring engagement
through quest-based learning Antiquated education system:
need 21st century learning skills Blended Learning 2,000,000 kids take online classes Grows 25-30% per year Social networking around the globe Anytime, anywhere Institutions Increased student engagement leading to higher retention & graduation rates
Increased student performance
Analytics to support Common Core or other standards
Flexible & up-to-date curriculum & teacher professional development leading to cost-savings
Student safety -- (COPPA & FERPA compliant)
Teacher productivity
Real-time reporting of teacher & student progress Policymakers Evidence of standards achievement
Next wave learning solution engaged with professional organizations Market Size 7M U.S. Teachers K-12 Education
56M K-12 students
6M K-12 private school students
98,000 public schools
4,000 charter schools
$25B spend 2010 with private business Higher Education
19M post-secondary students
30% are online
4,300 U.S. colleges
1.5% of GDP in USA
1% to 2.6% of GDP Worldwide $230,000 revenue
25,000+ completed quests
2,000+ players, all ages
Players in 10+ countries Team Learn more in less time ...you get more work done in the same amount of time as a normal class period. -Middle school student Pre-Service Teacher Comments I am excited about the store and i just completed the powerpoint about powerpoints quest and that means more points for store. I am now done with my psd and jpeg quest! It only took 2 period's to get 2 quests done! Fun! it was easy. i am going questing! bye I just finished the jpeg quest, it was easy and fun. I am going to do this with Snakehead...I can't wait till next week. Middle School Pilot - 2010 Teacher Summer Camp 2011 This course was one of the best I've ever taken. I looked forward to attending class every day and loved the setup of the "Game Lab" to complete and learn about our assignments. VS. This fits my learning style. I learn by “doing,” so thank-you for allowing us to discover how all of this works, in our own time frame.

3D is super cool. I am totally loving this and can’t wait to get going and building some quests for me to try with my students.

This is an incredibly engaging way of directing learning, encouraging personal responsibility and developing community. Congrats to the team at Boise!

I can’t stop questing, I’m addicted!

I’m having the best day playing on 3D Game Lab. Am I really at work?

I learned a tremendous amount! GameLab has made me relook at my teaching and school in general. • 10% played one hour or less (just testing out system, visitors, starting later in year)
• 90% qualified for other professional development groups Total gameplay required: 1 Hour
• 74% created one or more quest groups (157 total groups created) Total gameplay required: 1.35 Hours
• 51% qualified for teacher dashboard (added after camp was over) Total gameplay required: 4 Hours
• 50 groups with active students one month post-camp
• Appx. 400 students one month post-camp Official conference
quest activities Keynotes Invited sponsored workshop & fully aligned curriculum to NETs Standards for Teachers Theme leader avg. 35-45 modules completed avg. 22 modules completed Better Engagement, Higher Grades in BSU EdTech Courses 3D GameLab Web Site Hits Worldwide Teacher Early Adopters Institutions Recurring Revenue Free and Paid Content Platform Partners Professional Development and 1-year account for $295
Build Content and Fan Base K-12 and Higher Education
Lead with Professional Development
Focus Early Adopters Free Content Repository and Sharing to Paid Members
POS Content
Paid Conent Sponsers Plug-in to LMS's (Blackboard, Moodle...) business
model Financials

Funds to ~2Q2013 Break-Even
~17 People Market Positioning Learning Management
Systems (LMS) Higher Education Incumbants K-12 Incumbants Cloud/Web2.0 Newcomers Internet Content Content Providers Online Courses & Schools Assessment US Here! Early Research Findings Higher Grades Overall
1.5-2X More Work Completed
Persistence: 60% Keep Questing After Course is "Won" Awards & Honors APIs with MMOs (WoW, Minecraft, OpenSim, Unity) Aggregation: exponential growth of learning options "That was one of the coolest classes I ever had in my life. Seriously." "I can't stop questing,
I'm addicted!" White label
licensing POS & Distribution
Partners Sponsored Quests
& Training Long-term
Acquisition Planet Stewards 3dgamelab.org
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