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Saltire Foundation Presentation

No description

Katie Michels

on 18 January 2016

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Transcript of Saltire Foundation Presentation

A Community of Peers
Role Models
Board Directors
Constructive Critics
Joined Up

"“Scotland is a country rich in economic potential. Our people are creative, ambitious and resilient and we are home to world class entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers. It is vital we harvest the opportunity that this provides.” - Government Economic Strategy 2011

On the one hand ...
But… evidence tells us we’re:

Lack of Ideas
or Business
Lack of Resources
inc $$$?
Talent to Execute?
"I Cannae dae ..."

"Who do you think
you are?!?"
2007 =
6 Saltire
2015 =
137 Saltire
2015 at a Glance
Confidence &
Retain &
Talent for Scotland
Better Talent =
New Firms
Faster Growing Firms
More Successful Firms
Giving Back
Scotland's Challenge

* #1 Global MBA for entrepreneurship- Financial Times
#1 for entrepreneurship for past 19 years- US News & World Report
*#1 business school for ROI-Payscale

2015 =
750+ Alumni
2017 =
How can
you help?

1. Share your Experience
2. Host a Saltire Scholar
3. Host a Saltire Fellow Project
4. Spread the Word
5. Invest

23% of 2015
Scholar places
organised by
2015 Scholars raised over $20,000
in support of Saltire Foundation
3 of Scotland’s top 10 high
growth firms, as rated by Endeavor Global, have Saltire Fellows as CEOs.

September 2014
43% in C-level roles
100+ Saltire Fellows
73% of Fellows in roles driving growth
25 Firms & Social Enterprises created
93% promoted
100% of Open Enrolment Fellows fulfilled their commitment to Scotland
Entrepreneurial Scotland Pathway
“Scotland is the most highly educated country in Europe and among the best-educated in the world.”- Scotsman 06 June 2014

5 Scottish Universities are in the Times Higher Education Top 200 Universities

Lagging behind other countries in transforming this into business performance
Continuing to underperform on GVA
Weak in developing companies of scale

Leading GlobalScots believe constraint is not technology, finance or opportunity but human capital.

1. Significant latent potential
2. Traditional professions
3. Leadership development lacking
4. Global Mindset, Confidence, Skills
Our Mission

To find, fuel and spark the next generation of business leaders in Scotland.

To create leaders capable of growing a more dynamic, vibrant Scottish economy.
The Saltire Scholars program gives undergraduate students from Scotland’s universities internship opportunities all over the world to gain experience and confidence from leading companies.

The Saltire Fellowship is for those who already have business experience. This intensive program starts at Babson College* in the USA and includes time in Silicon Valley and Shanghai to accelerate leadership development.

In 2015
26 Saltire Fellows
Entrepreneurial Scotland
Inspire. Develop. Connect.

We’re inspiring Scotland’s next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.
We’re using our global and local networks and accelerated international learning programs to support people - developing the right skills and mind-set to succeed.
We’re joining the dots in the Scottish entrepreneurial ecosystem - collaborating with businesses, universities, government, public and third sector organisations and the media.
We’re connecting people so that they can build relationships with those who have already succeeded, learn from their peers, and mentor each other.
In 2014, the Saltire Foundation came together with Entrepreneurial Exchange to form Entrepreneurial Scotland.

Entrepreneurial Scotland, where people can build skills, knowledge and confidence and then connect with each other to drive business and economic performance.

Lagging behind other countries in transforming this into business performance
Continuing to underperform on GVA
Weak in developing companies of scale

We aim high: to make Scotland one of the most entrepreneurial societies in the world
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