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M&M's 360 degrees campaign

No description

Victoria Torgy

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of M&M's 360 degrees campaign

Introduction M&M's is the #1 brand all over the world which is known and loved by millions of people. On the Kazakhstan's market M&M’s is presented for a pretty long time and delivers impressive selling results but as a brand M&M’s needs to be developed further.
Create a long term marketing campaign that will help M&M’s to win hearts and minds of local consumers and reach Top-3 chocolate brands in Kazakhstan. Objective Marketing Research Focus-Group Survey #1 Survey #2 Results Marketing Campaign WHO? Our target audience- 12 - 30 year-old people WHAT? Focus-group's results: The main associations with M&M's commeercials: joyfully
brightness that's why we need to position product credentials...and promote m&m's as "mouth-watering chocolate fun" People say:
"I watch this advert just to smile..."
"It's not shown in advertisement, what the m&m's is made of...I think it's too unhealthy that you even don't show it"
"The characters are way too cute to eat them" where? Outdoor advertisement TV advertisement Advertisement in Internet Monthly Internet audience in Kazakhstan - 7.5 million.

Users who use the Internet several times a week or more - 2.5 million.

Most of the users are under 30 years-OUR TARGET GROUP Google-doodle Pop-up ads M&M's games online Brand communities In-store promotion

Leading paths
Branding projects Checkout counters Brand Salience widely recognized brand. It has good depth of knowledge, but the breadth of knowledge could be much better.
M&M's has an appropriate price Performance
distinctive logo and characters,a lot of colors, unique taste, unique personality Imagery Pupils and students. Lovers of sweets and chocolates. Buy M & M's for a snack while watching a movie and a picnic with friends Emotional Joy, happiness and carefree while eating+ indifference to advertising almost
in all age categories. superiority of the brand
On criteria such as attractiveness and brand leader, M & M's should be a brand that is trusted.Judgmental
Judgmental Resonance

No brand loyalty, community and active involvement Customer based brand equity pyramid Summary Promotion in Cinemas Attention dragee Contests and special events Advertisement in Colleges and Universities Sponsorship of events Youth conferences
Cultural Sport In Mars' General rules for marketing Communications we have a point:
"We endorse initiatives to encourage active lifestyles including the sponsoring of sport events" Public skating at Medeo Cooperation with National Olympic Committee of RK FIS Grand Prix Kazakhstan Adventure Race’12 The aim to win hearts and minds of Kazakhstan consumers is achievable,
But...... It'll take some years to become a MEGA brand
Need more presence in advertising and life of country Hope, our ideas will help your company
get strong business results with M&M's brand aNd.... oNE DAY... Our characters will say... And remember... 21th of December is coming soon... Take care ;)
Methods and techniques:
1. A focus group
2. Brand mapping
3. Association test (subjects - M&M's and its advertising)
4. Conversation
5. Observation

Participants: 11 people aged 20-24 years
Date: November 14, 2012
Purpose: To determine whether these techniques are correlated with the general methodology of the study and identify some common patterns in the initial investigation at the present stage of development of chocolate products in Kazakhstan Objectives:
1. Analysis of activities, provided by consuming M&M’s
2. Analysis of competitors and the product itself.
3. Analysis of motivation to buy M&M’s
366 people took part in the survey Objectives:
1. Identify consumer attitudes to product
2. Identify consumer attitudes to advertising
3. Determine competitors
100 people took part in the survey Conclusion:
1. The product has average mark 4 out of 5
2. Mostly bought by people aged 19 to 30 years
3. Most respondents like the taste
4, Consumption of the product connected with some kinds of activity. Parties with friends are not on the first place.

1. Promotional video brings people joy
2. Advertising is not motivating to buy the product Leadinfg chocolate brands1. Alpen Gold2. Mercy3. Kazakhstan4. Snickers Thank you for your attention!
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