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2014 Budget in Brief

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Transcript of 2014 Budget in Brief

City of Olathe
2014 Budget-in-Brief
Annual Budget Process
January - April:

July - August:

April - July:

Budget staff presents overview of the previous budget and updated five-year financial forecast
Council sets guidelines and philosophy for budget creation

Departments prepare budgets and submit recommendations to the Budget Office
Following Budget Team review and revision of departmental submissions, the City Manager presents a balanced budget to Council for consideration

Council reviews the City Manager's proposed budget and makes recommendations
Public engagement efforts to offer citizens the opportunity to directly address the City Council
State Law requires budget adoption by August 25th

2014 Budget Fast Facts
Government Funds
Tax supported funds dedicated to government operations. They include:
Proprietary Funds
These are fee supported. They include:
Sales Tax
2014 General Fund Revenue
Property Taxes
Total Property Tax 2009 - 2018
How Tax Dollars are Spent
2014 General Fund Expenditures by Type
Capital Improvement Plan
Lone Elm Park Improvements
Cedar Creek Parkway Improvements
Fire Training Center Construction
Claireborne & College Way Roundabout
143rd Street, Pflumm to Quivira
College Boulveard, Ridgeview to Renner
Lake and Dam Restoration
Environmental Lab
Harold Street Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements
Neighborhood Sanitary Sewer Improvements
CIP Expenditures by Community Focus Area
Your City, Your Budget
Olathe Budget Office
Department of Resource Management
City Hall, 2nd Floor
Register for updates:
Contact your Council Member:
Follow us:

Come to a Council Meeting or Budget Workshop
Email the Budget Office:
Internal Services Fund
These provide internal support for government activities, including:

Sales Tax
- For every $1 spent, the city receives 1.125 cents.

Property Tax
- 24.818 Mills are levied. For example, approximately $641 for a $224,722 home (2012 average home selling price).

Franchise Fees
- Paid to the city by utility companies
0%: increase to city's property tax mill levy
4.77%: higher than 2013 General Fund
860: full-time City of Olathe employees
$58,971,473: total dollar amount for capital expenditures
Major Sources
General Fund
Fire Levy Fund
Library Fund
Motor Fuel Fund
Recreation Fund
Park Sales Tax
Other Non-Major Funds
Water & Sewer Fund
Solid Waste Fund
Central Garage
Vehicle and Equipment Replacement
Largest source of revenue in the General Fund
Levied by the City on the retail price of tangible goods, paid by both Olathe residents and non-residents
In specifically established districts, the city may collect higher sales tax rate.
Transportation Development Districts (TDDs)
Community Improvement Districts (CIDs)
Second largest revenue source to the General Fund
Olathe Property owners pay an annual tax, which is calculated by multiplying the assessed valuation of a home (11.5% of fair market value)

by the overall mill levy.
The City's portion of the mill levy is 24.818 Mills or approximately 20% of an annual property tax bill.
Appraised Value
Residential Assessment Rate
City of Olathe Tax Levy Rate (in Mills)
City of Olathe Portion of Taxes Due
Five types of expenditures in the General Fund:
Personal Services
Contractual Services
Capital Outlay
Personal Services is the largest, as it includes salaries and benefits.
Called the CIP
Five-year listing of all major public improvement projects
Prioritized and include project financing plans consistent with the City's priorities and goals
The 2014 CIP is $58,971,473
Funding sources include:
General Obligation Bonds
Special Assessments
Revenue Bonds
CIP Fund (cash from General Fund)
Temporary Notes
Park Sales Tax Fund
Storm Water Fund
Water & Sewer Fund
Systems Development Fee
Street Improvement Fund
Total Sales Tax 2009-2018
How Much is Each Department's Portion of the General Fund?
Personal Computer Replacement
Risk Management
Special Parks and Recreation
Special Alcohol
Storm Water
Economic Development
Special Tax Increment Financing
Debt Service Fund
Capital Projects Fund
2014 CIP Highlights
You buy a laptop for $1,000 ...
Maintains more than 1,200 lane miles

Has a network of 43 neighborhood and community parks

Allocates 67% of the General Fund budget to Public Safety and Transportation, which are top citizen priorities

Has 57 miles of public trails within the city limits
Did You Know? The City of Olathe....
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Time Warner
Total Sales Tax is 8.5%, so you pay $85
State gets 6.15% = $61.50
County gets 1.225% = $12.25
City gets 1.125% = $11.25
Of that...
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