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Pinterest Presentation

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Eh Meh

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Pinterest Presentation

What is Pinterest?
Online pinboard that allows users to collect and organize the things they love
Pinterest launched in March 2010
Third-largest network behind only Facebook and Twitter.
Can Men Use Pinterest?
Pinterest Vs. Other Social Media
Who all uses Pinterest ?

What do you mainly use it for?

Does it influence your decision to buy something?

How frequently do you visit Pinterest?

Would you recommend Pinterest to a friend?
Critical Mass
Get popular
"I can do that"
Basic concept: A site to share ideas via image.
Majority Women: Making it seem like site for woman.
Can be personalized.
Topics contained in can be anything.
Directed more traffic than LinkedIn, Google+, and Youtube combined
Search with key words to give inspiration
PriceGrabber reports 21% of respondents have purchased items found on Pinterest boards
It provides a “Social networking break”
Number one social referrer for businesses.
visual things or vs. status
now, tomorrow, going, seeing- “timely events” vs. use, this, want, need-"aquiring stuff"

pictures with a link vs. pictures
Pinterest Home Page
Profile on Pinterest
How to Repin
Article by: Lydia Dishman

Finding Your Happy Place and Sharing Your Ideal Self
Perfecting the Art of Collecting
Secret Sauce of Sharing
Room for Improvement
Why is Pinterest so addictive?
Categories on Pinterest
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