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Social Psychology

No description

Shion Fukuzawa

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Social Psychology

Social Psychology Shion Fukuzawa Interesting Combinationsof Food Country Ma'am
(cocoa flavor) Country Ma'am
(Vanilla flavor) Fruit Granola Asch Effect Solomon Asch Conformity Situationism Social Roles Scripts Social Context Social Norms Negative effects social norms can have Diffusion of Responsibility Fundamental
Error (FAE) Selfish Human Nature Self-serving Bias Social Reality Sad truth about how we see others Prejudice Discrimination BOB Suzuki Honda Subaru Charlie Jim Ushio Naoko きのこの山 たけのこの里 Banana + = + Holding your breath = Coffee + Banana Mint + Mint = Lemon
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