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Affirmative Informal Commands w/ Pronouns

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Ruby Reyes

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of Affirmative Informal Commands w/ Pronouns

Gramática en acción 2 Affirmative informal commands When you use a pronoun with an affirmative informal command, attach it to the end of the verb. Add an accent to the stressed vowel of the verb, unless the verb is only one syllable long. Affirmative Informal Commands with Pronouns You know that the direct object pronoun goes immediately before the conjugated verb. It can also be attached to the end of an infinitive. —¿Siempre preparas la cena?

—No, no la preparo siempre, pero hoy sí voy a preparar la. —¿Preparo la carne?
— Sí, prepára la.

—¿Pongo los vasos en la mesa?
— Sí, ponlos allí.
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