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Giddha Dance Prezi

Grade 8 Giddha Dance By: Joty, Gowsalya, Jotam, Ramanjot. 78A

Joty Sidhu

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Giddha Dance Prezi

What Is Giddha? Where Giddha Is Found How Giddha Is A Part Of The Sikhism Culture The culture that Giddha is found in is Sikhism. Sikhism is a culture in Punjab which was created in the 15th century by a god named Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Giddha comes mostly from the culture Sikhism because this is the most common dance that the women from this religion preform and is also the dance that is preformed well by these women. Giddha is also found from Hinduism but is not their main dance or preformed much often as it is in Sikhism. Giddha is a part of the Sikhism culture because it is performed at most of the popular events in India. How many people know what Diwali is? Well this is performed at Diwali as well. Giddha is also performed at other events such as, weddings, Jagos, any partys, Diwali....etc. Giddha is also a very big part of this culture. If it was not for Giddha then many women of India would not be able to dance with this much energy. Giddha is a big part of India just like Bhangra but it is not that famous. Questions? 1. What 2 Cultures Is Giddha From?

2. Where Does Giddha Come From?

3. Who Performs Giddha?

4. Name 2 Places Where Giddha Is Performed?

5. What Dance Did We Mention That Is More Famous In India Other Than Giddha? Giddha is performed by women of India. This is not performed by men. Giddha is also made by women of India. In India these girls would get together and perform this dance in groups while in open fields and would remember the storys/lines (which are called Boliyan) that they say while performing the dance. History Of Giddha Country/City Giddha comes from Punjab, India. This dance is also from Pakistan but is not preformed there as often as it is in India. Who Performs Giddha
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