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Colonial Massachusetts Clothing

No description

Camille DuBois

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Colonial Massachusetts Clothing

Clothing in Colonial People in colonial times dressed much differently than we do today. The clothing looked different, it was made of different things, and how they got it was different. Clothing was made of all natural materials such as


and cotton. What Was it Made From? Clothing was made entirely by hand. Some people spun the yarn, wove the fabric and hand-stitched the clothing for themselves. Wealthier people could buy clothing from general stores or markets from people who had to do the same thing. Clothing for special occasions Men's clothing consisted of stockings, a shirt, breeches, a waistcoat, doublet, a cape or a coat, a cap or a hat and boots or shoes. Over a shirt, a man wore a waistcoat (a short jacket with or maybe without sleeves). Over the waistcoat went a doublet.
Breeches were usually baggy, knee-length pants worn with long knee socks.
Usually only in cold or rainy weather were capes or overcoats worn.
There were many different types of hats for men. Men often wore either a soft flat cap, knitted caps, or large brimmed hats made from straw or felt. For common men and apprentices, the flat cap was most common. For higher class citizens, an elegant hat of silk was made by stretching fabric over a wire frame. MASSACHUSETTS By Camille DuBois Differ ences How Was it Made? Clothing for Special Occasions Women's Clothing Men's clothing Completely Created by: Camille Adara DuBois Reviewed by: Sarah Pryor & Carissa DuBois Works Cited Photo Credits BYE EVERYONE Some people only owned 2 sets of clothes; clothing for a general day, and clothing for an important occasion. Clothing for special occasions was usually a lot more colorful than everyday apparel. People would use dye or richly colored fabric to create elaborate clothing. Clothing for special occasions was usually made out of silk, velvet, or brocade. Silk Velvet Brocade Women's basic garments consisted of stockings, a petticoat, chemise, bolster, bodice, a skirt, apron, coif, an outer gown and shoes. Women usually wore dresses with a bodice and skirt of the same material, but the sleeves were sometimes made of a different material. Shoes for women followed the general styles worn by men, being low-heeled and round-toed. Fashionable women owned shoes made of rich silk or brocaded cloth. When heels were introduced, women wore them to increase height. Clothing of the pilgrims. Lossos, Dave. Web. october 7, 1999. http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mosmd/clothing.htm web link: Colonial clothing. Fabian, Sharon. Web. 2013
only info given web link http://www.edhelper.com/ReadingComprehension_35_484.html (Not so) Fun fact: Clothing could take several months to make! Prezi:Insert photo:Google images
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