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Leadership 13 and Psychology 17 - Cohesion

Leadership 13 and Psychology 17 - Cohesion

Benjamin Cox

on 1 September 2017

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Transcript of Leadership 13 and Psychology 17 - Cohesion

What is Cohesion?

‘A dynamic process that is reflected in the tendency for a group to stick together and remain united in the pursuit of its goals and objectives
(Carron, Brawley, & Widmeyer, 1998).
Creating an effective team climate
Factors affecting cohesion
According to Carron's (1982) model of cohesion, four factors can affect the cohesiveness of a team/group! In your teams and using the prompts below, attempt to produce a list of factors that may fall under each of the 4 factors!
Social vs. Task cohesion
Paired Activity 1
In pairs, think about 1 example of a cohesive team/group and 1 example of a non-cohesive team?
Group Activity 2 - Debate
Unit 17 - Psychology for sports performance
Unit 13 - Leadership in Sport

Cohesion, What is it? and why are sport psychologist's so interested in it?
There are two types of cohesion, does anybody know what they are?
Why is this team cohesive?
Why is this team cohesive?
Social Cohesion: Pub team?
Enjoy each other's company
Enjoyment not dependent on result
Task Cohesion: Bayern Munich?
How well team members work together
Work to achieve common goals and objectives
Choose a side and defend either task or social cohesion and be prepared to justify which has the greatest impact upon the performance of a team/group and why?
Creating an effective team climate
What can a COACH and TEAM MEMBERS do to create an effective team/group climate? Think about the things your coach and you do throughout the course of a competitive season?!
''You will do as I say''
''Training in the rain? No thanks''
''Lets train with a rugby ball''
''We all try our best at all times''
''Can I make another change''?
Communicate well
Set individual goals
Develop team goals (Senecal, Loughead, and Bloom, 2008)
Know your individual team members
Individual role clarity (Beauchamp, Bray, Eys, and Carron, 2002)
Encourage team identity
Minimise changes/group sizes (ringlemann?)
Team/group members
Team Members:
Help each other
Take responsibility for own actions
Put in maximum effort
Resolve conflicts
Get to know each other
Team building/bonding sessions (Hacker, 2001., Kornspan, 2009)

Closer in terms of location
Smaller in size
=Greater opportunities to interact and form relationships
Characteristics of group members
Similar aims and objectives
Similar backgrounds, attitudes, opinions and commitment
=Increased cohesiveness
Leadership styles, behaviours, communication
Compatibility of coach-athlete personalities
=Impact on cohesion
Duration spent together
Experience success/failure
Involved in decision making
= Increased productivity and cohesiveness
What do you know NOW about cohesion? WHITEBOARD RACE

Positive or negative influence on team/group cohesion?
EXT. Think of the factors that make that team/group cohesive? e.g. leader/coach?
What do you know ALREADY about cohesion? WHITEBOARD RACE
1. What is cohesion?
2. What is social cohesion?
3. What is task cohesion?
4. What is Carrron's model of group effectiveness?
5. What can coaches/leaders do to create effective team climates?
1. What is cohesion?
2. What is social cohesion?
3. What is task cohesion?
4. What is Carrron's model of group effectiveness?
5. What can coaches/leaders do to create effective team climates?
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