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New Zealand.

No description

gs students

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of New Zealand.

New Zealand.
This is business clothing.
Bunge jumping in Queenstown is popular for tourist
When meeting someone offer a casual handshake and ALWAYS smile. Until you know them on a familiar level always address the person using their surname
Sheep sheep SHEEP! New zealand has more sheep than people.
New Zealand
Some of the holidays celebrated are anzac day and labor day. anzac day was a day in celebration of new zealand and Australia strengthening their ties. this holiday is celerated on the day that the new zealand and australian troops (known as the anzacs) coming back after failing to reclaim the peninsul. even the mission was a fail it brought the two countries together. another holiday is labor day. labor day in new zealand is a celebration of all companies having an 8 hour work day. They also celebrate christmas and new years.
Most music is the same as ours.
New Zealands most popular sports are rugby, cricket, socer, netball, and basketball.
Some great ways to travel in New Zealand are car, bus, bike, train, or camper.
There are no snakes native or otherwise. .
Kiwi birds are a very popular in New Zealand. (Think a bald eagle or cardinal)
New Zealand Flag
In New Zealand they eat three meal a day. For lunch you might get a meat pie and for dinner you could get some lamb.
Foods :)
Some of the most famous places in New Zealand to visit are the Sky Tower and Wai-O-Tapo.
Places to visit
One U.S. dollar is worth $1.50 in New Zealand, And at eight am here it is three am the next day in New Zealand.
The Important Changes.
a list of things to do
Is a island country in Oceania.
Welcome to your virtual tour of
this beautiful country.
Some fun things to do are hiking through mountains/ forests, sking, swiming on the beaches, bird watching, seal and whale watching, caving, stargazing.
Anybody have any questions?
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