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Music Artist Development Portfolio

No description

Rachel Noonchester

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Music Artist Development Portfolio

Music Artist Development Portfolio
Objective: Artist Events
Objective: Business Co-Marketing
Objective: Write Biographies for Artists
Objective: Social Media
Proficient in major social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ReverbNation, Instagram, LiveJournal, YouTube, Xanga, etc..)
Updated & posted pictures, blogs, videos, & music for our artists ReverbNation:
Cool African - http://www.reverbnation.com/coolafrican7
J-Nyce - http://www.reverbnation.com/jnyce7?profile_view_source=header_icon_nav
With my degree in communications and minor in promotions/advertising from BGSU I have the education and personal tools to apply to any company/organization that is looking to grow. My internships with Clear Channel Radio & Madd Money Entertainment have proven my interests in entertainment and creativity.
Biographies for J-Nyce: & GQ FoSho attached to resume.
Create social media sites to develop and promote artist image & music
Define artists to make them relevant to the social media world and easy to access for fans
Keep blogs updated and new music available
Conducted music-related 50+ question interviews for our music artists and wrote their biographies pertaining to their specific style & image. Questions such as:
What advice would you give someone trying to pursue music as a career?
What do you look for as far as management goes?
How do you balance music with other obligations in your life?
How do you define the word success?
What was your best performance thus far and why?

Interview artists with relevant questions
Research background & listen to their music
Write biography for each artist discussing music journey, family background, goals, accomplishments, etc..
Planned and organized monthly schedule for Open Mic Nights for our artists.
Called on relevant events for possible show performances.
Booked & attended radio interview at Eastern Michigan University for Rob Curry.
Assisted in "Keep the Schools Safe Tour" for Detroit High Schools
Promoted, recruited artists and DJ's from Detroit, & attended the three day "Conglomerate DJ's Conference" in Detroit, MI.
Entered Cool African in "Coldest Rapper in the D" WJLB contest and he won.
Research appropriate events & interviews for artists.
Call venues and book shows.
Request artists songs on radio.
Assist in set up for concerts/events/shows/interviews.
Network and submit music to different media outlets for exposure.
Be opportunistic in every avenue to network & promote.
Write business proposals and submit to blogs.
Contacted DUB Magazine for opportunity to work together within the enthusiast market for R&B group Day 26 or solo artist Rob Curry.
Submitted business inquiries to blog, magazine, and music web sites (Artist Cool African's music video was featured on HipHopDetroit front page on web site for a significant time).
Business Proposal for DUB magazine attached to resume.
Objective: Pre-Show Ideas for Day 26 Tour
Plan and structure ideas for Spring 2014 Day 26 Tour (Re-Uniting R&B group).
"26 Days of Love" Contest idea: Using Glide (new video app) to have fans record a cover to the Day 26 song "Since You've Been Gone" and send it to the contest number for a chance to win a meet & greet with the R&B group. Contest lasts 26 days for marketing purposes.
Radio Promotion in city that Pre-Show would take place.
Possibly book show in college town.
StageIt - A web site where fans may tip money online for Pre-Show being streamed.
Researched TV shows for Day 26 to appear on before tour: 106&Park (interview was live on air on Jan. 30, 2014), Ellen, Bethenny, TMZ, Arsenial Hall, Good Morning America, Steve Harvey, BET, Chelsea Lately, Entertainment Tonight (ET), etc...
*Extra Thoughts*
Brainstormed ideas as a team to come up with music video concepts for Rob Curry's video "Getcha Girl" & Young Gator's video "I Had It". Ideas were used in actual video's.
Presented the idea for Webisodes for Young Gator (native of Detroit) could be called "Visions of the Alley Gator" and be filmed against a graffiti wall.
Possibly change "Young Gator" to "Alley Gator" representing maturity as an artist.
Network with Embarco (Promotion company based out of Detroit) to converse when concerts are in Detroit so that we are able to promote artists at these events.
Conversed with radio stations across the United States in attempt to schedule interviews for the Day 26 Tour.
Personal conversations with artists to explore their visions and bring them to life as assistant to management.
Structured a Marketing Plan for the Conglomerate DJ's (in process of completion)
I look forward to adding to my accomplishments and contributing to the marketing visions of your company. Thank you for reviewing my portfolio!
My name is Rachel Noonchester and this is my portfolio of my accomplishments. I have a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communication and minor in Promotions/Advertising from Bowling Green State University. My first internship lasted eight months at Clear Channel Communications in Radio with Jay Towers in the Morning 100.3. I had a taste of entertainment while strengthening my communication and research skills. I was responsible for answering the phones, contests, updating the online blog, celebrity drama, sequeing commercials, vocal editing, and more. From there, I wanted to apply my marketing skills at a company. Madd Money Entertainment has given me the privilege to work with music artists from the Detroit area (including Robert Curry from Day 26 MTV's Making the Band, Young Gator, Cool African, J-Nyce, GQFoSho, & more) and assist as Artist Developer. I have used everything from Social Media, events, networking, co-branding, creative thinking, scheduling, and business writing to create their own image. I have the passion and drive to continue to build concepts through art expressions and creativity in the business world. Thank you for your time in reviewing my personal portfolio and for this opportunity.
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