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All About Me Speech

It will be all about me and what I like to do

Lauren Weaver

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of All About Me Speech






Here is all about my Family, where I live, and what I like to do!!!!
I go to Expressenz Dance Center and take Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, and Ballet. I love it there so much, all my teachers are hilarious and I get to have fun with my friends while I'm there. We have been the champion at the Competition KAR for 5 years in a row. We are in the top 60 dance studios in the world. For competitions we have been to Florida, South Carolina, California, New York, and more. I'm starting back up at dance this year and I can't wait for the recital in spring! My favorite part of dance is that it keeps me fit and it pushes me to be a better dancer.
I've always had a passion for art. I got art of the week every week last year in art class. I did art club last year, and am planning to do it again this year. I love to draw, paint, and make creative projects. Whenever I get an opportunity to make a bright and color full project for any subject, I make it bigger than it needs to be. ( Last year I needed to make a little totem pole for research class and it ended up being 5 feet tall, and made out of real wood!!!) I love art so much, everyday when I have free time, which is very little because of all my activities, I draw. I do it because it keeps me creative.

I loved soccer the minute I kicked that ball. I started at about 4 years old and have been playing ever sense. I play at ZYSA Fields at traders point. My favorite part about playing the game is getting to learn cool tricks like juggling the ball, and I've always loved punting the ball across the field because I like to make sure that I'm having fun during my sports. My favorite position on the team is center mid. Lastly I love playing in the indoor facility that they have built there by the fields because there are no dead balls and the field is bigger.
Now that you know that know what I like to do like playing soccer with my brothers, that I dance at Expressenz Dance Center, how I love to draw,that I have a HUGE family,I love to hang out with my friends, and that everything I just told you tells that I'm a very outgoing person.Now I want to know about you. I can't wait to listen to your speech, and that's all about me and my life.
Who I Am
Now that you know what I like to do like playing soccer with my brothers, that I dance at Expressenz Dance center, how I have a HUGE family, I love to hang out with friends, and that everything that I just told you tells that I'm an outgoing person. Now that you know about me, I want to get to know you. I cant wait to listen to your speech and that all about me and my life.
My dog Bear, my turtle Aztec, my brothers, my parents, and me!





Here is my friend Tara and I at our dance recital
Here I am at soccer
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