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How to Use Prezi

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Gene Monahan

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of How to Use Prezi

How to Use Prezi
By: Chloe Murray

Changing the Circle Size
When you are typing away, and you realize that your text box filled with words has moved out of the allowed circle, you may wonder if you can expand the circle. In fact, you can and it is very easy. All you do is click on the outer edge of the circle and drag one of the corner boxes away from the inside to expand it, or, to minimize it, drag in. Another way to maximize your text box space, is to widen the text box rather than slim it up.
Changing the fonts
You could just use the default setting font on presentations, but changing fonts is always fun to add some snazz to a presentation. It is not as easy as it should be, but it is possible. What you do is click on customize in the top bar, and find the advanced button to click on it. You will then be taken to a screen titled "Theme Wizard". Stay on the 'Advanced' tab and change your 'Title 1', 'Title 2', and 'Body' fonts to desired. Then, when typing, another top bar will appear while doing so, highlight the desired text to change the font, and either click on 'Title', 'Body', or "subtitle' (not mentioned), depending on what font you wanted and selected for each one. All done when you click out of the highlighted text!
Changing Colors/Color Themes
In order to customize your presentation with colors, you must first go to customize, and either go to 'Advanced" and follow your own directions similar to those previous, or go to customize and just choose a color theme!
Inserting Pictures (1) or Backgrounds (2)
1) At the top bar, next to customize, click insert, then image. Search for your image on the pop up google powered search engine sidebar, and drag into prezi. Finished!
2) Click customize, advanced, then wizard. Click on 3D background 'Upload'. Search for an already saved picture of desired background or, search on google images for background and right click to save as on your :H Drive. Go back into Prezi and repeat the step, finding your saved image. Lastly, you would open it, allowing Prezi to insert it behind all of your text.
You are done pizzazing your presentation with pictures/background!
I am so glad that you took the time to actually glam up your presentation! I had fun answering your Prezi questions, but sometimes the best teacher is yourself, if you just mess around with electronics. Thanks again!
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