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Case study Parcelforce Worldwide

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abid12 youssef

on 30 November 2014

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Transcript of Case study Parcelforce Worldwide

Case study Parcelforce Worldwide
market of parcel
profit £12 million to £17 milion
increasingly competitive environment today
reduced automated call handling
focus on customer needs to reinforce and clarify what each service offers
SWOT analysis
can help a business to improve by monitoring the external and internal marketing environment.
Parcelforce Worldwide’s SWOT analysis table
Differentiation in B2B and B2C services
differentiation strategy
calls for the development of a product or service that offers unique attributes that are valued by customers and that customers perceive to be better than or different from the products of the competition.

table of contents
Introduction of parcelforce worldwide
SWOT analysis
Differentiation in B2B and B2C services:
The marketing mix
courier and logistics service
trading name of Royal Mail Group Ltd.,
open market (DHL-FEEDEX-UPS-POSTE-TNT-EMX-UKM) and other new companies
operates Business to Business (B2B) and B2C
In uk 150000 parcel/daily
intro other new world market

Reveal your competitive advantages
Analyze your prospects for sales, profitability and product development
Prepare your company for problems
Allow for the development of contingency plans
Parcelforce Worldwide has differentiated its products
Parcelforce Worldwide pursues a competitive prices compare with other courier services.
This clearly sets Parcelforce Worldwide as the price leader in the non-urgent sector.
Parcelforce Worldwide’s B2B services
Describes commerce transactions between businesses,
negotiate prices with business customers based on their exact sending profile (for example, volumes, weights, destinations).
development of key partnerships
23 parcel delivery companies around the world
30 countries across Europe
GLS provides Parcelforce Worldwide with the broadest delivery network and capability across Europe
Parcelforce Worldwide’s B2C services
activities of businesses
end consumers
with products and/or services and applies to any business or organization that
its products or services
to consumers over the Internet
for its own use
parcelforce slogan “You click, we collect”,
Parcelforce Worldwide’s website provide :
no need to register
very easy to navigate
a useful option – Track and Trace of their parcels
The marketing mix of parcelforce
as the four Ps (product/price/place/promotion)
find the right products for your customers
Price strategy :
maintain their position in the competition
differentiated its products by
offering services that offer choice between speed and value for money.
different kinds pricing strategies
product strategy:
the key starting point for Parcelforce Worldwide
differentiate the product to meet the needs of the different users :
uses two kinds of market research such as primary research and secondary research
Parcelforce focused on the primary research through web interviews to see what customers though about its services
Place strategy :
the right product to the right place at the right time
depots, post office branches, direct collection, and international partner networks overseas.

promotion strategy :
Parcelforce has two kinds of promotions such as Above-the-line and Below-the-line
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