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International Days

No description

Ineke De Nul

on 6 May 2018

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Transcript of International Days

Prezi by Ineke De Nul 2ION1
International Days
Should we fear deflation?
Jordi Franch Parella
French Perspectives on Innovation and Creativity
Eric Hertzler
Sourcing beyond China
Paul Melkebeke
What have I learned?
You would think that today's innovation is needed in different sectors. So I was interested what our neighboring country France thinks about all of this. Certainly because Paris is home to several successful companies.
What have I learned?
I think that innovation is necessary and important in our society, but it is true that it will not create jobs with certainty.

15/08/1971 => The end of the production of gold money
35 dollar = 30 gr gold
Deflation: to reduce the quantity of money
Inflation: to increase the quantity of money
Quantitive Easing = current path to disaster = a monetary tsunami
We know too little about the current situation.
I was already interested in high school.
What have I learned?
Deflation isn't a bad thing:
Good for customers and companies
Bad for the government
Consumption doesn't stop with deflation.
It is a bit of a shame that it was mainly about the personal opinion of the teacher. But it was still very instructive and it was brought fascinating.
Overestimating innovation & creativity
Innovation -> competitiveness -> growth -> jobs
Innovations can fail
Doesn't always lead to more jobs
Toxic/limited benefits
Maintenance is needed
If you want to be known as an innovative country, France will still have a lot of work as China, Germany and America are still above them.
produces 75% in China
the coast = best developed
The advantages of China
a lot of industry
very well trained
the roads and ports
the 4th generation has no social skills
the employees become more expensive
I went on a study trip to China and so I already
knew a lot about Chinese business and it seemed interesting to hear another opinion from another entrepreneur.

He has clearly stated what is positive and negative in China, what the strengths and weaknesses are and what the future will bring.
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