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School Counselor

No description

Beatriz Dominguez

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of School Counselor

School Counselor
By: Beatriz Dominguez

My 1st interview was done with Mrs. Horn who is a counselor at Skyline High School. Out of my interviews and job shadow she was the counselor that had less years working in this career. She had only been working for 5 years. I learned a lot about how she works around the school, I also learned that on Fridays it is Skyline day so they wear a sweater that had the picture of their mascot.I also learned that the proximate salary in that area is about $32,000.
Job Shadow
Typical day/Tuesday
For how a typical day went by, I received in some way the same answers. All three of the people had things dealing with kids but all of them may have been about a different topic.

For Mrs. Horn she said that a day could sometimes be full of things to or sometimes it could be a easy to handle day. On Tuesday she had a real busy day. First of all she started with a 504 meeting which is a meeting to help kids go to college. After day during the day she had many students in her office about many topics like; college information, bad boyfriend relationship, skipping eighth grade, and ditching school. That was mostly what happened on her Tuesday.
For Mrs. Miller she said that on Tuesday she did various things like at first she had students in her office all of them talking about college education. After that she went to court with a student to help them in anything that they needed. Also that day she paid some home visits to a couple of parents about their children and how they were doing in school. This was Mrs. Miller's Tuesday.
And for Mrs. Henry she said that her Tuesday was nice and simple. She said that most of her day was taken away in things dealing with Thanksgiving and Christmas basket. She said that she called many families to see who were the ones who needed help with Christmas. To end the day she went into some classrooms to see how the students were doing.
School Counselor
The role of a school counselor is vital to the success of all ages, from elementary school to college. These specialized counselors have a great impact on the students they work with. They help them gain a stronger understanding of themselves and their potential.
Counselors are found in every school around the area. In our school the counselors are Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Ritter.
My 2nd interview was done with Mrs. Miller. Mrs. Miller is one of the counselor here at our school. Also she was the one who had more experience in this because she has been working as a counselor for 30 years. She also said that before becoming a counselor she was a teacher. I learned that she chose this career because she had an experience while working as a teacher. She said that kids would come to her and ask for advice on things and so she thought about becoming a counselor to help kids better. Around this area the proximate salary is about $30,00.
I did my shadow with Chris Henry over at Henry's Fork Elementary. I decided to do my job shadow on Thanksgiving week, right before we got out for thanksgiving break. I decided this because wanted to know more about what they do for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Around the time of winter the school works mostly in getting Christmas Basket for people whom need it. For my job shadow I went and helped get some Thanksgiving Basket from Rexburg to St. Anthony for those people who did not have food for Thanksgiving. It was fun. I also had a nice talk with Mrs. Henry about what they are doing in school to help the kids improve in their characters. Mrs. Henry mentioned that they are mostly working with kids to improve their behavior and their attendance in school. They try to provide many activities to help these kids understand better.

Advantages Disadvantages
Argosy University
This is the full-time cost completion for becoming a school counselor with a Master Degree.

Tuition and Fess–$44,726

Room and Board- $16,710

Books and Digital resources- $ 1,636

Program Fees -$2,082
Utah State University

Tuition and Fees– $16,696
Room and Board-$5,000
Books Needed- $1,000
Scholarships are available and the deadline is December 1st.
Idaho State University
Idaho state University campus is located in Pocatello Idaho. This university is really helpful. They offer many scholarships to pay off what students would like to become. They are willing to work with students if they really would like to attend school/ If a scholarships are wanted then the deadline is February 15th. Their mascot bengal, and their colors are black and orange.
Job Shadow Video
Every day it is something new - Angie Horn
Choose to work with student, group or class- Regena Miller
Sometimes you get the award to see a student happy- Chris Henry
Advice the students to do the right thing- Angie Horn
You have flexibility over your job- Regena Miller
The pay- Regena Miller, Chris Henry, Angie Horn
Sometimes you get emotionally attached that you cannot separate- Regena Miller
The biggest advantage of this career would be working with students to help them get a better character of themselves. The biggest disadvantage of this career would be the pay. If I were to not choose this specific career I could choose any other similar career like; Marital, couple and family counseling, clinical mental counseling, Student affairs counseling or simply a social worker.
I would like to attend the Argosy University that is located in Los Angeles California. I think that it will be a great experience going to college out of state. There are scholarships available to help pay for becoming a school counselor. But it is a very difficult process. Argosy University can give scholarships awards ranging from $1,000 to $5,000. To apply for a scholarship I would have to apply a year before I would like to attend Argosy University.
Utah State University is located in Logan Utah. Some things about the University is that they offer many degrees in different fields. Utah state university offers any sports, and their mascot is a big blue which is a blue bull. Also as you can tell their colors are Blue and white.
Tuition and Fees- $6,344
Room and Board-$5,497
Books Needed- $1,000
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