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Australian Federation Prezi

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Sophia Damm

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Australian Federation Prezi

Australian Federation Prezi
Federation Timeline
1860- Sir Henry Parkes urges colonies to federate.
1890- The Australasian Federation Conference recommends a national convention to show a draft for a constitution for the Commonwealth of Australia.
1891- The national convention is held in Sydney.
1891-94- Economic depression, the colonial parliaments lose interest in federation.
1893- Federation groups decide that Australian's should vote to decide whether federation will take place.

Reasons for Australia wanting Federation
Australia wanted a Federation so that they could trade things between states, build railways that go through all states, independence from England and to build a bigger defense force
The Parliament of two parties, "The House of Representatives", and the "Senates". The Queen is represented in Australia by Governor General. There are currently 150 member of the House of Representatives who represent an electorate. The parliament make laws and authorises the Government to spend public money, for community resources and government activities, and is a forum for debates on issues.
The Senate consists of 76 senators, twelve
from each of the six states and two from
each of the mainland territories.
When was the idea of Federation raised in Australia?
On September 29 1846 Governor Fitzroy of NSW suggested the need federation.
Leading up to Federation
Throughout the 1890's each colony sent representative to meeting called conventions to discuss the idea of federation.
The representatives would then vote to accept this new Australian constitution. It was passed as a British Act of Parliament called the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act,in 1900.
Australian becoming a federation was important for the trading industry as States couldn't trade between one and other.
Before the federation each state had their own railway system. By the Federation in 1901, every state except WA were all linked by railways with more than 20'000km of track laid.
Defence Force
With the discussion of federation on the table, Australia decided that one big united defence force was better than each state having their own individual one.
1897-98- People from all states except QLD and WA voted on the constitution but NSW did not agree to what was written and the vote was failed.
1899- Changes were made to the constitution and another vote was taken place. WA still did not except and the vote was successful.
1900- Gold rush took place in WA and they agreed to vote for the constitution. On 5 July the British Parliament passes the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.
On 9 July Queen Victoria signs the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act
1901- 1st January the first Governor General, Lord Hopetoun, declared that there were now six states forming the Commonwealth of Australia.
On 29 and 30 March the first Commonwealth elections are held.
Main People in Federation
The main player in federation were Sir Edmund Barton, Henry Parkes, Alfred Deakin, adnGeorge Reid
A constitution is the document that sets out the rules for our government.
The Australian Constitution states that a federal election must be held at least every three years. It also ensures that senators and members of the house of representatives are directly chosen by the people of Australia. It took effect on 1 January 1901.

Where was the Parliament held?
Henry Parkes
Henry Parkes is considered to be the father of federation, he was elected premier of the colony five times. he made a speech declaring that he wanted to "unite and create a great national government for all Australia'.
He died in 1896 5 years beofre federation became offical.
Sir Edmund Barton
Sir Edmund Barton supported Parkes' idea of federation and became more involved. He was the first prime minister of Australia. He resigned from prime minister in 1903 and became one of Australia's first high court judges.
Alfred Deakin
Alfred Deakin was a leader of movement for the Australian federation and became the second premier.
Before the parliament was held in Canberra it was held in Melbourne, Vic. The Federal Parliament first met on the 9th May 1901. From 1901 to 1927 the Parliament met in the Victorian Parliament House.
George Reid
George Reid did not support federation at the time but he had an active role with shaping the constitution. He became a member of the parliament in 1880 but didn't show interest in federation until mid 1890's.
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