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IB SYLLABUS - Environmental Systems and Societies

No description

Eldra Colon

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of IB SYLLABUS - Environmental Systems and Societies

IB SYLLABUS Environmental Systems
and Societies Topic 1: Systems and Models Topic 2: The Ecosystem Topic 3:Human Population, Carrying Capacity and Resource Use Topic 4: Conservation and Biodiversity Topic 5:Pollution
Management Topic 6: The Issue of Global Warming Topic 7: Environmental Value
Systems 2.1 Structure 2.2 Measuring Abiotic Components of the System 2.3 Measuring Biotic Components of the System 2.4 Biomes 2.5 Function 2.6 Changes 3.1 Population Dynamics 3.2 Resources-Natural Capital 3.3 Energy Resources 3.4 The Soil System 3.5 Food Resources 3.6 Water Resources 3.7 Limits to Growth 3.8 Environmental Demands of Human Populations 4.1Biodiversity in Ecosystems 4.2 Evaluating Biodiversity and Vulnerability 4.3 Conservation of Biodiversity 5.1 Nature of Pollution 5.2 Detecting and Monitoring Pollution 5.3 Approaches to Pollution Management 5.4 Eutrophication 5.5 Solid Domestic Waste 5.6 Depletion of Stratospheric Ozone 5.7 Urban Air Pollution 5.8 Acid Deposition
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