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all about Wicca

No description

susie stecher

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of all about Wicca

Were did Wicca originate from? why are people are turned away and
afraid of Wicca and Wiccans? how long has Wicca been around? how popular is Wicca? how wide spread is Wicca today? they deal with witch craft they think they are dark some people think they
are not even human England a man named Gerard Gardner started it since 1884 Wicca is becoming way
more wide spread
now that teenagers are
rejecting christain religions
it isbecoming more wide spread in Europe manley but also all over the world people see them as satanists world thinks they harm people people think that they
practiced spells and
witch craft Wicca is very different from
christainity and mormanism because: they do not believe in God Or Jesus
they do not go around and try to spread there religion door to door
they are aloud to drink coffe My Conclusion:
over all during this project
i learned a lot about wicca.
it has taught me that they are not
evil and they do not hurt people.
it has also showed me that it is way
more popular than i ever expected.
it also taught me that it originated
in England. I did not know that
Sources: wiccanpride.info/witchcraft.html
i trust this web site because the
information a learned from it
matches with other info i have
seen on other websites i can trust wicca images at google
i trust this website because it is
just images and these images
are on ther sites to. religioustolerance.org/witchcra.htm i trust this website because it is very
educational and the information
on the websites is almost identical
to other web sites i trust.
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