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5 W's Clear Home

No description

Tyson Kirk

on 14 April 2018

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Transcript of 5 W's Clear Home

add logo here
"Who" is Clear Home?
What do we do?
Knock and talk
Update existing customers
Selling to new customers
What we Expect
Work hard
Have fun
Where are we going??
Cape Girardeau (Why?)
Fresh area
Small beam Internet
Living basics
Why Clear Home?
Great Job
Means to an end?
What you can expect?
What do you gain personally?

5 W's Clear Home
When are we leaving, When are we coming back?
#1 Direct T.V. retailer since 2011
120,000 sold last year
180,000 this year goal
3rd party retailer
Official summer start date: May 1st
Within a week of your last final
Within a week of your last day of school
Ending Date:
The week your schooling

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