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iPads in the Elementary Classroom

No description

Heather Kilgore

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of iPads in the Elementary Classroom

Heather Kilgore
iPads in the Elementary Classroom
Kindergarten Teacher / Instructional Technologist
Commerce Elementary School
the App Store
(finding, purchasing & downloading apps)
Classroom Use
Whole Group
Students use iPads upon arrival
Students stay on task when waiting
Students bring iPads to carpet for group activity
Literacy apps: Make a Word, Montessori Crosswords, Starfall ABC, Louie's Letter Challenge, Teach Me K and 1st grade, ABC Reading, and Pocket Phonics.
Air Server
Top 10 Questions
Does it tie into your school's overall plan?
How will technology be used?
Will the proposal impact student learning?
How will desired outcomes be developed?
Does the initiative have the potential to be replicated
or outreached to a larger community?
Does the proposal tap creativity in tapping other
resources already available in the community?
Is the budget clearly defined?
Who will benefit from this initiative?
How well does the proposal replicate what the grant funder is looking for?
How committed are you?
Like many of you in this room, I'm a digital immigrant...
My two young daughters, on the other hand, will be digital natives. They'll never know a world without ubiquitous broadband Internet access...

We may never become true digital natives, but we can and must begin to assimilate to their culture and way of thinking.
Rupert Murdoch, April 2005
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