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Sun Shine Club

No description

Suthisa Kongsirkan

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Sun Shine Club

The Sun Shine
Company Limited

The Current Situation
87% Seniors displayed depressive conditions

The feeling of Loneliness
Staying at home alone
No one to take care of
No one to talk to

Senior Population increase
Relax Atmosphere
High Quality
Facilities & Equipment

Market Segmentation
Target on seniors age 55 and above
Psychologically behavior : like to have community involvement
Bangkok current seniors population (over 60years) : 765,974
Focus on high-income and savings
Care about health and wellness

High quality service provided
Brand Identity
Networking with other social structures
Positive trends
Top quality and finest facilities and services

Tai Chi, Yoga, Aerobics, and Ballroom Dance
Recreation activities:
Computer and Internet, Board and Card games, Art and Crafts, Vocal class, Karaoke, and workshop
Specialized in senior care
Activity department
- trained staff
- physical activity instructors
Health care department
- doctors, nurses, and our trained staffs
Food and beverage
- nutritionists, chefs, and waitress
Marketing, HR, General Manager
Housekeeper and security guards

Design to aid seniors, ensure safety and mobility
Outdoor servicescape
Green garden
- design to be suitable with senior customers
- practical considerations
- sensory stimulation
- enjoy the garden
Safety considerations

Customer Benefits and Values
Enhance physical and mental emotions
Safety and security
Better quality of life
Better understanding in the family
Longer, happier, and healthier life
Privilege Member
General Member
29,900THB (Monthly)
Public Relation
Pricing Promotions
Positioning map
A closer look on the sector...
Payika place
OPPY club
Sun Shine Club
Media Selecting
- 96.5 Radio spot
-Print Ads (Hello Magazine)
PR Activities
- Launching Events
- CSR programs, sponsorship
Special Offer
- Give 15% discount for customer recommendations

Source: Institute for Population and social research , Mahidol University, 2013

Source: Health Information System Development Office

Start-up Cost

Salary Expense

The interest rate is according to the Bangkok Bank


Income Statement


Net Income


Sensitivity Analysis

Located on Phutthamonthon sai5 Rd.
space of 3,600 square meters.
divide the space into two parts;
one big building with 2 stories for all activities
one small building for our management team.


the space for garden and parking lot
more garden for members to feel more comfortable with nature surrounding
estimate cost 30,000,000baht – 40,000,000baht, required equipment included
opening hour: 8.00PM – 5.00PM on Monday-Saturday

1st Floor
Building Plan
2nd Floor
Building Plan
source : Bureau of empowerment for older persons
Phutthamonthon sai 5 Rd.
3,600 square meters.
Divide into two parts
2 buildings
Garden and parking area
Estimate cost of construction:
30,000,000baht – 40,000,000baht, required equipment included
Opening hour:
8.00AM – 5.00PM

The most important factors when choosing a club are atmosphere, health and safety, service varieties and family opinion. Moreover, majority of the respondents are willing to pay more than ฿30,000 fee per month. We also learned that seniors do not make decision all by themselves, but that their children, grandchildren and other family members play a critical role in decision making.

Elderly Statistic. (2011). Bureau of Empowerment for old persons. Retrieved from, http://www.oppo.opp.go.th/pages/statistic/stat_0104.html

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Suwanlee P. (2013). The role of local government in adjusting to population change in Thailand over the next decade. Retrieved from, http://www.jaalgs.net/journal/index.php/jals/article/download/26/23

Thailand Popultaion (2013). Thailandometers, Mahidol University. Retrieved from, http://www.thailandometers.mahidol.ac.th/2013/index.php

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