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Orion's Belt by: Alyssa Cordova

No description

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Orion's Belt by: Alyssa Cordova

Orion's Belt by: Alyssa Cordova
mythology of orion
Orion was the son of poseidon,God of the sea, and Gea, the mother of Earth. It had an extraordinary beauty and it grew as much that it got to become an authentic giant. So enormous era, that it could walk by the bottom of the deep seas without the waters never convered to him with shoulders for above.
type of star: red
Distance from Earth:
642.5 light years
magnitude: 0.42
color surface temp:
red, 3.5000 kelvin.
Type of star: Blue/White
Distance from Earth:772.9 light years

Color and surface temp:
White, 36,000f
Type of star: Blue and white star
Distance from Earth:244.6 light years
Color and Surface temp: white 40,000f
Type of star: Blue star
Distance from Earth: 1340 light years
Color and Surface temp:Blue 60,000
Type of star:Big giant star
Distance from Earth:650 light years
Color and Surface temp: White 50,000f
Fun Facts
Orion is one of the most prominet star patterns in the sky
There are 5 major stars that from Orion
One of the most obviouse features of Orion is the three stars most people consider the belt.
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