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Allison Venella

on 28 March 2017

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

I wish I would
have known as
a freshman...
Don't be afraid
to be a Leader.

Along with getting a tan!!!
Ask for Help!
Leave Campus!
Explore Philly!
Participate in Community Service!
Consider a Break Trip!
Top 10 Things..
Words of wisdom: Jumbo Elliott
Challenge yourself academically
Mike Waterfield, M. Lacrosse
Callie Duliba, W. Soccer
Karlie Crispin, W. Basketball
Luis Miranda, M. Tennis
Courtney Devine, Field Hockey
Mary Snyder, W. Swimming

If you can figure out how to manage your time....you're golden.
A great big THANK YOU!
Step out of your comfort zone.
Enjoy the Ride!
Support one another! #Athletes4Athletes
Try to maintain a regular sleep schedule
Pay attention in your 'major' classes
Develop a mental toughness
Be upfront with professors early
Make lots of friends on campus--especially in your classes
Go to office hours, early & often
Remember to say THANK YOU
PS....It's the little things that can sometimes make all the difference.
what to do all summer long...
"The most important single ingredient
in the formula of success is knowing
how to get along with people."
Build Relationships
Try new things!

Get involved!
Join a club!
Know Yourself.
-Know your own limits
-Learn to listen to your body
-Figure out what works for you:
Academically, Socially, Spiritually, Mentally & Physically
"There are three things you can focus on in college:
Athletics, Academics, and a Social Life. You can only be successful at two. It's your choice."
Luis Miranda
M. Tennis
Mary Snyder
W. Swimming & Diving
Michael Waterfield
M. Lacrosse
Karlie Crispin
W. Basketball
Courtney Devine
Field Hockey
Callie Duliba
W. Soccer
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