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Archbishop Romero

No description

Brandon Hoang

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Archbishop Romero

Archbishop Romero
Role Model of Jesus
-considered everyone should try to follow Jesus
Jesus' Influence
- wanted to have an impact on the christian community just like Jesus
Challenges of Faith
-persecution of the catholic church : In less than three years, more than fifty priests have been attacked, threatened and slandered. Six of them are martyrs, having been assassinated; various others have been tortured, and others expelled from the country
Impact of Romero's Faith
- fighting and speaking for what is right is worth our time
"We suffer with those who have disappeared, those who have had to flee their homes, and those who have been tortured."
Birth: August 15,1917
Death: March 24,1980
-baptized on the 11th of May 1919
-moved to San Miguel where he was national seminary and received a licentiate in theology
-born in El Salvador
-went back to El Salvador and became a parish priest
-February 23,1977, he became Archbishop of San Miguel
- Jesus' life was a guideline for him htat he tried to follow
- Jesus was like a father to him, he teaches the Archbishop Romero life lessons which he applies in life
-action and idea he did was to better the christian community
-helped the poor, visited the sick and fought for what is right
-push himself to the best he could be
- religious institutions have been constantly attacked, menaced, threatened with bombs
-knew that he could be assassinated for becoming an Archbishop but he didn't let that stop him
-create the world a better place for our generation and the future generation
showed me that people will always hate on the things that you do and you can't let that stop you from what you are doing
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