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Back to School Night: 4th Grade

No description

Julia Guthrie

on 18 September 2017

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Transcript of Back to School Night: 4th Grade

Back to School Night: 4th Grade
Welcome to 4th grade- an exciting, challenging time that many education professionals refer to as an academic "bridge year." It is in 4th grade that students move from learning to read to reading to learn. There is also a greater emphasis on personal accountability as your child moves from the primary grades to the intermediate ones.
Teacher Backgrounds
Mrs. Amabile:
Graduated from University of Massachusetts
Educational interests
Curriculum development
Children's education
Social and Emotional Growth
Pursing masters degree from Saint Peter's University

Mrs. Guthrie:
Graduated from William Paterson University
Recently received Master's Degree in Elementary Education with a Special Education certification from Felician University
Academic interests:
Children's literacy
Interdisciplinary learning

Curriculum: Math
All math concepts are introduced using manipulatives and hands on experiences. Understanding of these concepts is essential for success in higher math.
Number & Operations
Geometry & Patterns
Time & Measurement
Data Analysis

Homework Help:
This year, 4th grade has the opportunity to view helpful videos for their homework online. Links can be found Monday-Thursday on the 4th Grade Homework Page. Please utilize this valuable tool!
Curriculum: Language Arts
Language Arts is a broad term that covers a variety of subjects. Reading, grammar, vocabulary and writing are all housed under the term 'Language Arts.'

Story elements
Cause & Effect
Main idea
Fact & opinion

Deeper understanding of different nouns, verb tenses and adjectives

Curriculum: Social Studies
4th grade Social Studies chiefly focuses on the history of New Jersey: our earliest inhabitants, the important part we played in the American Revolution, our rich history of industry and innovation, our role as a haven for early immigrants, and our contributions in the Civil War, WWI, and WW II. Much of this history will be explored through primary sources, allowing the students to learn from the people who actually made the history.
4TH grade science allows the students to bring out their inner scientists. Through STREAM exploration and various forms of literacy, students will observe our world's natural environments. We will expand on concepts focused on Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science.
Curriculum: Religion
Growing in Jesus Christ
Faith Fundamentals
Peace Curriculum
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