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1000 - Class 9

No description

Kelly Blidook

on 15 January 2019

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Transcript of 1000 - Class 9

Posc 1000 - Intro to Political Science
Involves different “sets” of beliefs
1.) Social/behavioural
2.) Economic
Ideology as multidimensional
Left, Centre, Right
“Left” “Right”

Some overlap
Political Parties in Canada:
Left, Centre, Right

Left = Importance of collective
(greater role for government)

Right = Importance of individual
(less role for government)
“Left” and “Right” Ideology
Ideology = political short cut
Combines a complex set of beliefs and understandings
Most people don’t concern themselves with most political matters
Ideology provides quick understanding of many issues
On a mass scale…
Beliefs: opinion (which cannot be argued on first principles)

Ideology as mixture of factual and moral beliefs
Fact: knowledge (“truths”) based on logical argument from first principles
Facts and beliefs
Not simply personal opinion, but a social belief accepted by large numbers of people and passed on by the normal channels of cultural transmission
Advocates economic freedom through lack of state regulation, but modern form often advocates state regulation (pro-collective) for:
Sexual activity
The “right”
Advocates economic equality through state regulation, BUT modern form often advocates a lack of state regulation (pro-individual) for social choice:
Drugs (I.e. marijuana)
The “left”
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