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First Day of Fourth Grade

No description

Cara Ruggiero

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of First Day of Fourth Grade

Welcome to Fourth Grade!
I grew up right here in Clifton!
My name is Miss Ruggiero
I went to college in New York.
I like...
I like to sing...
and play the piano.
especially baseball..
(Go Yankees!)
I love reading them...
...and writing them.
This is OUR classroom!
This is not MY classroom...
What are some guidelines we can all follow so everyone feels...
Monday: Music 9:40-10:15

Tuesday: PE 10:30-10:55 (Sneakers, please!)
Media 2:25-3:00

Wednesday: Art 9:40-10:15
World Languages 10:20-10:55

Thursday: World Language 11:00-11:40

Friday: PE 1:45-2:20 (Sneakers, please!)
Class Schedule
8:45-9:05 -- Good Morning!
Daily Schedule
To Do:
1. Unpack

The Class Assistant will call groups to put coats and backpacks in the closet.
2. Put all of your homework and your homework pad out on your desk.
I will come to check it!
3. Put all notes for me/for the office in my inbox.
4. Make sure your pencils (at least 2) are sharpened!
You can only sharpen them now and after lunch.
5. Copy your homework for tonight!
Studying is homework too!
6. Four students will work on the computer
(Successmaker Math)
7. Work on your seat work.
There will be a worksheet there when you come in.
8. If you finish early...
Read your A/R book!
Morning Work (Math and Language Arts)
11:35-11:40 -- Getting Ready for Lunch
1. The Class Assistant will call groups to go to closet.
Make sure you have everything you need!
2. Line up quietly.

If it is raining
Check the Rainy Day bin!
11:45-12:35 -- Recess/Lunch
12:40-1:05 -- After Lunch
To Do:
1. Walk to your seats.
2. The Class Assistant will call groups to put away lunch boxes and coats.
3. Four students will work on the computer (Successmaker Reading)
4. You can sharpen your pencils now! (Make sure you have 2!)
5. All other students will read their Accelerated Reader books quietly.
Some days, we will have a class read aloud.
Afternoon work (Language Arts, Social Studies, Science)
2:55-3:10 -- Time to pack up!
1. Make sure you have everything you need!
All homework (even studying!)
Homework pad
2. Make sure your desk is neat!
All papers should be in their proper folder.
3. The Class Assistant will call groups to get their things as they are ready (sitting quietly).
4. Stop at your mailbox before packing up!
Everyone will receive:
3 Folders
Red -- Classwork
Green -- Writing
School 11 -- Homework and Notices
3 Notebooks
Blue--Reading Vocabulary
Everyone must get:
Erasable pens (black or
1-inch binder
3 dividers
Social Studies
Class Assistant!
Everyone will get a chance to be the Class Assistant!
The duties of the Class Assistant include...
1. Line leader
2. Group caller
3. Light switcher
The Class Assistant also chooses 2 students to be door holders for the week.
4. Teacher helper
When we move into groups, we will go over group job responsibilities. Everyone will have a job!
Who is 4-17?
Each group works together to earn tickets!
You can earn tickets when...
1. Each member of the group has their homework.
2. The group is ready to line up first.
3. The group works well during classwork.
The group with the most tickets at the end of each day...
Each member gets 1 Chance card!
Write your name on each chance card
Every Friday, Chance cards will be picked to win prizes!
Homework passes
A choice in the prize box
The more your name is in the pot, the more chances you have to win!
Let's find out about our classmates!
People Bingo!
You must find a different person for each slot!
What are your goals for 4th grade?
What do YOU want to do?
What do you want to learn?
What do you want to get better at?
You can use the bathroom once in the morning and once in the afternoon.
Do not ask to go before 10:00 am!
We will switch with Ms. Moore's class Wednesdays and Thursdays for Social Studies.
You will have Science on Mondays and Tuesdays
with me!
You need to have your homework pad signed
I will check it with your homework.

Your parents can write notes to me in the Homework Pad.
5. Closet Monitor
1st Offense -- Reminder
2nd Offense -- Speak with me. Warning.
3rd Offense -- Sent to another 4th grade classroom
4th Offense -- Note or phone call home. Loss of recess.
5th Offense -- After-school Detention.

SEVERE Offense -- Sent to Principal.
What are the consequences?
Test Folders will go home every 2 weeks on WEDNESDAYS.
Test Folders
Your parents must sign and return the folder with the tests inside.
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