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Prezi Example

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Beth Cotter

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Prezi Example

Our vision
Be a world-renowned school where students come to learn how to tackle global challenges through innovative, human centric thinking
2013 - Where are we now
New exciting program

New creative campus

Digital media focus
Our Mission
To open up a flow of collaboration bringing the most innovative thinkers & technology to a place where ideas can meld and grow, and then return to transform the world.
Why are we here?

What's possible?

What do we want to be?

What inspires us?
we've started something
but we know there is something bigger out there for us
how do we get there?
Why are we here?
Digital Media - higher learning

Intersection of business, arts and technology

Industry based curriculum

Stratford opportunity aligned with Waterloo
What do we want to be?
What inspires us?
What is possible?
Gamification Hub

Design thinking

Executive school
Founding principles
Create a foundation of critical thinking

Encourage cross disciplinary programs

Embrace theoretical and experiential learning

Teach to better navigate for human understanding

Harness the digital revolution to innovate for tomorrow and express for today
Our values


Revolutionary spirit

Deep human knowledge

Respect for the contribution that everyone can make
Our story
Known for innovation and industry partnerships

Critical thinking
We prepare our students to take advantage of the most extraordinary challenges.
Students arrive as creators and explorers and leave as creators and magicians connecting people, art, tech and business to do extraordinary things
How to tell our story
Take advantage of the most extraordinary challenges
Our story is part of
building our vision
and our vision is part
of building our story
Our story
Our promise
a big hairy audacious goal
Building a better future for Canada and the world.
Waterloo vision

The Waterloo promise
Building a better future through innovation and experience.
Vision and Brand
Waterloo Stratford Campus
Where are we now?
Where do we want to go?
How are we going to get there?
The challenge
is the

The will be ready to embrace opportunity
The adventure
is the
We need people who know how to manage through challenge
Initiatives that prepare future Canadians for challenges on a global stage
Part of our
A program that prepares
future leaders to build a better Canada
Our promise should be:
- differentiated from our competitors
- compelling and aligned to the interests and drivers of our audience
- true to who we are
Emily Carr is an exciting learning community in visual arts, design and media arts.
School for design thinking - Innovators not innovations
Masters program is a professional, multidisciplinary and industry-facing graduate degree program in Vancouver BC.
dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about media, communications and information technologies
Where over 55,000 students are preparing to make global impact
Art makes us human. It also defines the human-computer interface.
Gifted, over achieving students who are ready to take on the world while continuing to embrace their passion for the arts. Idealistic, confident, want to be successful, to make a difference in the world, to be relevant.
Parents who want their children to have successful, fulfilling careers. They want
to be proud of their children and are
ready to support them towards success.
Mature professional, ready to take their career to the next level by expanding their education base specific to a field that is full of opportunity, interesting challenges and industry experiences.
Industry partners who will look to our graduates for competitive advantage in a fast changing business environment.
Government partners who are looking to support the bright stars, the future leaders.
Our University peers who need
to feel comfortable that our
efforts are aligned to the
Waterloo brand.
Donors ready to support educational programs
that are fostering the leaders of the future,
working to build a better world.
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