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Career Exploration

No description

Norview High School

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Career Exploration

Choosing a Career Path
Presented By: Jane Ballard, Heather Longoria, and Franny Gantner
First, an Activity!

Interests and Careers
You are more likely to look forward to going to work each day when your career matches your skills and personal interests.
What does
mean to you?
Career Paths
Certifications from the Tech Center or ATC during high school
College or Community College
On-the-Job Training
Virginia Beach Technical and Career Education Center & the Advanced Technology Center
These schools combine academic and vocational preparation during high school.
Students who complete these programs have the opportunity to enter the job market directly after graduating high school or to continue their studies at a college or university.
College or Community College
4-year College or University
Most programs at Community College are 2-years where an individual can get their associates degree or transfer to a 4-year college
On-the-Job Training
On-the-job training means getting formal training as you are working.
May include pursuing an Apprenticeship or Internship after graduating high school.
The Military has many service branches; The Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy.
People can enlist after graduating from high school and passing both written and physical tests.
Interested in finding out more about careers?
Here are some websites to jot down:
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